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cody.jpgCan you believe it? Baseball's great and my Duel of the Day panned out for once! Just one of the many highlights from last night when you ran into the best chick in the mall.

Brewers 9, Reds 5: Your first place Milwaukee Brewers won ugly against their divisional rivals, surviving a poor Dave Bush outing by piling 7 runs on Aaron Harang's fatigued tendons. Surviving poor Dave Bush starts is something the Brew Crew are used to, they've done it 101 times. Prince, Braun, and Cameron notched dingers for the Brewers, Brandon Phillips and Jerry Hairston responding for the Reds. The also first place Cardinals didn't need Chris Carpenter to be perfect against the Giants, but he was still damn good. Albert Pujols hit two home runs because that's the kind of thing you expect when he's facing Barry Zito.

Tigers 6, Wieters 3: Justin Verlander is obviously the greatest pitcher in baseball, perhaps history. He'll certainly go down in history as the Guy that Surrendered Wieters's First Hits. Despite being overmatched by the rookie catcher, Verlander was able to pitch around the phenom thanks to an early barrage of TIger home runs. Wieters picked up his first two hits--a double anda triple, which is just showing off--and scored his first runs in a losing effort. Jeremy Guthrie actually outpitched Verlander, striking out 10 for the first time in his career. Not having to face Matt Wieters dismisses Guthries outing immediately. The White Sox picked away at the Royals bullpen, something Zack Grienke is too smart to allow. Gil Meche's seven strong innings ended going for naught. Get well soon Joakim!

Elsewhere: King Felix and his Mariners came back against the feeble Angels bullpen, Rocco sent my emotions on a rollercoaster ride (home run! against the Jays, injury, Jays win) while CC made things worse for the fine people of Cleveland. The Mets finally lost, the Phils finally bested Martis with Brad Lidge finally stringing together two good appearances. The Rangers won again because the A's, sadly, are terrible.

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I hope that dude goes back to 1995 and tells his past self he's allowed to raise the mic stand a foot or two.

Kyphosis is no laughing matter.

I also find it hilarious that being completely dominated by CC and the Jankees is only the third worst thing to happen to Clevelanders yesterday, after (1) the Cavs losing and (2) waking up and realizing they're still living in Cleveland.

The White Sox / Royals game is on WGN America today. Every time I hear Hawk Harrelson "call" a ballgame, I root for the other team by default.

Just came from Citifield and it is much nicer than Yankee Stadium. Food is better, seats are better, layout is better, no cheap home runs. Sorry, Rob, but you guys blew it.

I'd think up a witty comeback if I didn't agree with you wholeheartedly.

Except on the home run bit. Of course there are no cheap home runs. There are no home runs at all in that cavernous outfield.

I kind of like the way Citifield plays. That is a massive outfield. A smart GM would build a serious home field advantage using that. Unfortunately the mets have Minaya.

Georgia's Women's softball team won on a WoW to stay alive in the college ws

Nobody cares about your fantasy team, mT.

Actually matt_T, if Georgia plays Florida then we have to bet. My cousin's daughter plays for the Gators.

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