The San Diego Padres are God Awful, Unable to Change

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SLIMPity the poor Friars as they sink to new lows. A hot start to the season saw them tied for first in the NL West just one month ago today. Since then, they've nearly plummeted to the bottom of the division (propped up by the slumping and slightly unlucky Snakes) and don't figure to rise any time soon. The pitching's bad, the offense worse. The poor geniuses at Gas Lamp Ball have taken to compiling ways the Padres can get any worse. Not pretty.

Recently GM Kevin Towers took to the airways, promising fans a slew of upcoming roster changes. Trades, call ups, demotions were all promised. Truthfully, as the GLBallers pointed out, they could improve at nearly every single position. Only all-world Adrian Gonzales and all-Hairston Scotty Hairston are significantly above replacement level. The Padres willfully employ David Eckstein, who's value over replacement sprite is at an all-time low.

So who could go? Or where? The oft-rumoured Jake Peavy trade now seems inevitable, though Towers vows not to speak of it lest it disappear once again. Gonzales seems unlikely to move lest Kevin Towers be crushed under a tidal wave of fish tacos. Young Kevin Kouzmanoff put up decent Petco numbers last year but can't do anything right in 2009. Never an OBP machine, his current mark of .263 is pathetically Gilesian. Brian Giles, singled out for mockery by yours truly 3 weeks ago as baseball's least valuable player, remains ahead by a comfortable margin in the race to replacement mountain. Catcher of the future Nick Hundley and other guy of the future Chase Headley are both struggling, the lack of internal options to replace them will at least see them working it out at the big league level. Bird-like pitcher Chris Young's game has evolved (de-volved?) to the point where his fly ball heavy attack can only function in the gigantic, ocean-misted environs of Petco Park.

In other words, the Padres might just be up shit's creek. Unless they're willing to overpay a team rife with young available pitching talent, there don't seem to be too many moves to make. Short of completely blowing the team up by trading Peavy and Gonzales, the Padres will have to suffer away in their Pacific paradise full of beautiful women, weather, and college pitching phenoms.

Fish Cokes to the good people at Gas Lamp Ball

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Good read LtB. It is a badly run organization, and the Padres have traded away talent left and right.
At least they have good fish tacos.

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