The Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch, Thursday, May 7th

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linkpunch gorillaSometimes people write better than us. Each Tuesday and Thursday WoW gives you our favorite baseball links we've come across.

  • David Steele recounts being fired from his Bawlmer Sun beat writer gig during a game while in the press box. Newspapers are a dying medium but real people are suffering the brunt of it. Real Clear Sports.

  • Doug Glanville weighs in on the pitch-tipping controversy surrounding his ex-teammate Alex Rodriguez. Says Doug, "A more likely scenario for how he may have been tipping pitches: he was sending signals to his own team, something that could easily be stolen by a sage opponent." Sounds good to me! I'll buy it. New York Times.

  • Scott Allen takes a trip down memory lane and busts out a great listicle of nine famous baseball vendors. What, no love for the smartass vendor who once shamed me when I didn't catch his poorly-tossed bag of salt peanuts? Mental Floss.

  • Sky Andrecheck has an awesome name and uses his powers to examine the scoreless inning streaks of Zack Greinke and Don Drysdale. His findings will surprise you! Unless you've already read it! Baseball Analysts.

  • Diamond Leung examines the delicate tango between the Dodgers and reliever Joe Beimel during the past offseason. Although wacky Troy from West Virgina interrupted the dance and stepped on some toes, the non-signing really came down to dollar signs. Diamond Notes.

  • HG wonders how some of the best sports blogs around (plus The Big Lead) came up with their blog names. He even allowed your WoW editors to participate in the exercise. You Been Blinded.

  • Inside the Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat meme. Know Your Meme.

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Someone who knows how should make a mashup of Keyboard Cat and Treadmill Shrimp

Wally the Beer Man will serve anyone older than 16 yet I was once cut off by him at a gopher football game. I stumbled down the concourse looking for another way to get a beer but I think he got on the radio because everyone said no before I could even ask. Being radio cut off by Wall the Beer Man was one of my finest accomplishments in college. That, and doing two chicks in the same night.

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