Things Yet to Happen: Late Afternoon & Night Games

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invisibleman.jpgWith only one game currently underway (the aforementioned Carlos Beltran with a home run) there is still time to look forward to a full slate of afternoon and evening games.

The Yellow Sun's Glare: The Rays and Red Sox renew acquaintances in Boston on the FOX dial. Litheish lefites Kazmir and Lester hook up for what looks like a pitching duel if not for Kazmir's precipitous fall from grace. I predict many number-inflating balls bounding off the large green wall. The Dodgers and Giants also do battle on America's 7th highest rated network; I WONDER WHAT THEY'LL TALK ABOUT. Joe Buck is locked and loaded with a sanctimonious speech that ends but the games go on! The Phillies and Braves will hook up on some Fox affiliates also; the Braves sending the befuddling Javy Vasquez to the mound. The Phillies counter with the befudged Joe Blanton. As wise commenter Honeynut Ichiros said recently: Phillie Phans are waiting for a reason to hate Blanton for a while now, the free-swinging Braves should buy him some time. The mighty Jays take on the slowly growing in strength A's in Oakland. The pitching match up is so inconsequential that we'll just move on.

Nighttime Fun: Some nice pitchers will mix metaphors tonight, we're in luck! Wunderkind Zack Grienke leads his team of superlatives out against the hopelessly overmatched Joe Saunders. That may just be one to watch. The Duel of the Day distinction goes to King Felix against Franky Liriano. I know Liriano may never throw as hard or be as dominant as he once was; but he's coming off a strong start to face a meager offense. Felix Hernandez is 23 years old. Yikes. The exciting Yovani Gallardo faces the boring and predictable Ryan Dempster in another nice showdown. Let's not forget the surprising Kevin Millwood against the steady Jon Danks in Chicago.

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Schafer already with another strike out today. 16 in the last 7 games

It's okay Matt, they don't put K rate on the scoreboard

I may have picked the wrong pitcher for the blowout. At least Rocco hit a home run!

MLB will now fine Terry Francona for 'icing' Kazmir.

Fausto is riding solo this evening, I'll be with the Cavs. I know this is a beisbol blog but hot damn, I've been waiting for a Cleveland championship since 1968. Worse, I've been through some serious ugliness trying to get there. Pardon me if I'm a bit high strung for the next few weeks. Most likely ending in some sort of crushing loss, of course.

Fausto might be riding solo, but David Stern is sitting shotgun for Lebron. You don't have anything to worry about Chief.

Lloyd my brother,

I lived through the drive. The fumble. Red Right 88. Jordan over Ehlo. 1994 (when the Tribe should have won it). 1995. 1997 (fuck you, Joe Table, your mother sucks cock in hell). Cavs in 2007. Just for kicks Joel Skinner held Kenny Lofton at third in 2007 as well, allowing the Sox to take the ALCS after the Tribe was up three games to one in the series. I watched the Crusaders, the Barons, the Lumberjacks and the Browns leave town. In case you forgot, the Ravens won the Super Bowl the year after leaving Cleveland. In my lifetime George Steinbrenner reached a handshake agreement to buy the Indians before Vernon Stouffer queered the deal and Big Stein settled on his consolation prize in the Bronx. I'm on the edge dude. On. the. edge. This thing doesn't work out and it you might be interviewed about "What made him snap?".

I just bought the cutest puppy ever. Terrier Mutt and he is named Homer.

Fartie: pictures please! This is Moe:

If I can find another small black and white dog to match him I'll get it and name him Delonte so I have the Cavs starting backcourt peeing on my lawn.

Chief, if I had any idea how to post pictures I would. As it is, I can barely comment on this website without shitting myself.

No worries, I already shat my pantaloons. It's all about Flickr, pal, free and easy enough for a dinosaur like me to use.

Sounds like the new Mrs. Farthammer has two to house-train.

Holy crap somebody reads my comments.

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