Things Yet to Happen: Late Afternoon & Night Games

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invisibleman.jpgA busy Saturday afternoon will give way to a busy night and afternoon. Some lucky teams are even playing TWO games today. Which game will earn the coveted Duel of the Day?

Fox Never Stops: Some peculiar choices for national broadcast today. The struggling Angels take on the dominant Ranger? John Lackey's first start of the year is certainly newsworthy. Vincente Padilla's fierce mug drives the TV value down, down, down. The aforeshiton Indians battle against the Rays in Florida with the excellent Matt Garza hoping his lobo skills are up for a dance with Carl Pavano. Fox's likely choice for showcase game and my sentimental Duel of the Day selection goes to Johan's Mets against Randy Johnson's Giants. Randy Johnson, the finest of all Old Knives, is nothing short of a freak of nature. Gene Wojciechowski recently went over the Unit's high school scouting reports from 198-freaking-2. Intense. The Giant Ginger Giant is stuck on 298 career wins though Johan Santana will ensure that wait lasts 5 more days. For what it's worth, you can keep your Clemens: Randy Johnson is the best pitcher of our generation.

The Righttime More good stuff tonight. The unfortunate Dallas Braden faces the youthful Rick Porcello in Detroit while Eric Milton makes his first appearance in nearly two years for the Dodgers in Florida. I think they're just screwing with the rest of the division at this point. Part two of the Phillies/Nationals goes tonight with The Danial Cabrera Experience lulling tired infielders to sleep with his wildly inefficient ways. Attending both of these games is better than Ambien at only 1500 times the price! Offseason addition and former next-big-thing Garrett Olsen makes his first start for the Mighty Mariners tonight, facing rib enthusiast Josh Beckett. Will Stinky Papi get back into the lineup? Olsen's a lefty so we might see as much Rocco on the field as in my dreams.

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For what it's worth, you can keep your Clemens: Randy Johnson is the best pitcher of our generation.

You can keep your Johnson (that's what she said) I'll take Greg Maddux

I should keep my duel of the day as the Giants/Mets is a shootout.

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