Things Yet to Happen: Late Afternoon & Night Games

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invisibleman.jpgOnly two 1 o'clock starts today, meaning lots of interesting baseball on a Saturday night.

Any moment now, the Fox team will burst forth from within a series of NASCAR graphics and Viagra commercials with their afternoon trifecta. Duel of the 2011 Day pits "OMG" David Price against "what have you done for me lately: Francisco Liriano in Minnesota. Elsewhere the Braves battle the Snakes while the Dodgers try to exact revenge just outside Cameron's house. Let my Camerons go.

Flee the Cleve: Busy night on the lake, with the Cavs attempting to stave off elimination while CC returns to face the Tribe. The first place Yankees must contend with Tribe #2 Fausto Carmona. Considering how rudely they treated Cy Young last night, I don't have high hopes for the ground ball man and his deal with the devil.

Other People's Children: The back to awesome Justin Verlander leads his first places Tigres against the last placed Orioles. Wieters will learn what 95 mile-per-hour cheese looks like up close and personal. Kurveball King Wandy Rodriquez tries to keep his excellent season going against the Pirates in the Gulf of Aden. Lone Nats bright spot--Adam Dunn doesn't count--Sharon Martis places his 5-0 record in serious jeopardy versus Cole Hamel and the Phils. The fragile Chris Carpenter takes on the fleeting Barry Zito in San Fran later tonight while my official Duel of the Day kicks off in Anaheim. Upstart Matt Palmer challenges the throne of King Felix. Sounds good to me.

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It's true, Adam Dunn doesn't count, having dropped out of school just before learning numbers in kindergarten.

I once saw a tabloid headline that read, "DICK CLARK CAN'T SPELL".

All about the Cavs in the Cleve tonight, boys, all about the Cavs.

Stephen Drew strikes out 4 times on Stephen Drew bobblehead day

George Kottaras is a hostile interviewee.

I have too much time on my hands.

If you missed Paul Krugman take on George Will on This Week, you missed a TRUE BATTLE OF THE IDEOLOGUES.

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