Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I know not if it's dark out side or light

See you all tomorrow, same WoW channel. Bring your liveglog blazers just in case we get a special liveglogger guest.

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Chan Ho Park vs Santana: Biggest mismatch of the season or ever?

I'm going to go with "Custer vs. Indians" as a slightly bigger mismatch, Matt.

I'll go with "Ponson vs. any warm body and some cold bodies" as a bigger mismatch.

Halladay and the Jays will handle the Angels like a drunk hipster handles Sneaky Dees nachos (pictured) at 4 am. Heaven on earth.

I'll go with "Ponson vs. any post-game buffet" as a bigger mismatch. Because he's fat, you see.

The Angels will be no match for the Blue Jays' worsening offense.

"Blyleven vs Earthworm" 2009

I didn't even know Alexi Casilla was sick.

Sassy Senior Jorge Cantu smacks three-run tater tot, ruins Matt_T's evening.

The Tribe is whackin the leather off the ball @ Fenway
Dem Freakin Indians!

Our pal Drew is liveglogging the Jays-Angels for the Canadian Internet right now if you are hankering for some gloggery.

Put on your liveglog nightgown.

Evening Not Ruined...Death Cab was fantastic.

also, chipper's coaching isn't helping...Schafer with 4!! strike outs tonite

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