Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, you're never too far from a Starbucks.

That's all for today. I hope to not crow any more about the Manny suspension because, frankly, it's not the sort of thing that will end well for anyone. Innocent people besides Manny will suffer because of this nonsense, while some very sanctimonious assholes will profit from their soapbox blather. Let's just play ball, amirite? Tomorrow, same WoW channel and a special announcement for the upcoming week of WoW.

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HOW many dozen roses is ARod sending Manny?

The special announcement is that Carpenter Liakos is actually going to post from time to time. GET TO WORK CATSHIRT.

Also I got a six on that quiz. Darryl Cousins and I are blood brothers now.

Kris is going to introduce his new feature "Proper uses of a dovetail jig."

Possible shrimp alert, San Diego-Arizona right now. All jacked with 1 out.

Thanks for ruining it Eckstein, you short yet lovable little scamp.

He had the bases loaded and singled? What a shithead.

Sweet! I got a seven on the quiz! EAT IT, LARRY VANOVER.

A couple weeks back, Chief Wahoo gave me some packets of the famous Cleveland Stadium Mustard. I would just like to announce it is delicious on top of a sardine on top of a cracker.

That is all.

Seriously, we need to have a pledge drive for Kris.

I like sardines.

Which is completely unrelated to the fact that I'm also dead broke.

Sardines are good. That wierd Klopec kid agrees with me.

(If I had any access to YouTube at work I would include a clip from The Burbs which makes my statement hilarious)

And thanks, Oakland, for using up all your runs for the season today.

Racer 5 IPA is amazing. Phillas knows what I'm talkin' about.

If I make it to the Great Heist there will be Stadium Mustard for all.

I'm gonna have my own Great Heist in Oakland. I'll tell you all about it.

Racer 5 is teh shit. I'll partake of an Oakland Heist. Even if it is in Oakland.

Not only does he crash weddings, but he would deign to show up to an Oakland Heist. Phillas is way cooler than you guys. True Story: My wife said she wanted to do him totally hard after she met him.

BC, aren't you coming out here too this summer? Or did I make that up?

PS - I have moved on to Red Rocket Ale from the makers of Racer 5.

Fartie that's nothing. Ms. Wahoo hasn't even met Phillas and says she'd give him anal. I don't even get that. Perhaps he's Clooney?

I confirmed it earlier with some of the steroid dealers at my gym.

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