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We interrupt Tonight's Questions to bring you a breaking news bulletin: American Gladiators: The Movie is under development. Further news on this incredible moment in the history of cinema after the movie. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled Tonight's Questions.

  • WHEN will Jimmy Rollins (and his OPS+ of 28!) be dropped in the Phillies lineup? Hey, how about tonight!
  • WILL anyone notice that Roy Halladay is once again having a nice season? They might. They might notice every year, I don't really follow fan reactions to performance of pitchers for Canadian-based baseball teams that closely. Halladay and the Jays take on A.J. Burnett and the Yankees tonight.
  • CAN you find a funnier column this week (non-Jeff Passan division) than this one by Stephen Baldwin on I'd like to know, because I bet it'd be hilarious.
  • WILL Ryan Zimmerman extend his hitting streak to 30 games? I probably won't be staying up late to find out.

Kris is back tomorrow and we'll be taking Walkoff Walk through the rest of the week. Look forward to more coherent posts and fewer references to straight edge. (Also, tomorrow, my review of Major League.) In another exciting development for baseball, there are more than four games tonight. Sweet!

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Larry Csonka better be in the American Gladiators movie.

Boners abound up here in Canada for the good Doctor.


I don't know if that chick in the banner pic is a Canuck or not, but it looks like she too has a Halladay boner.

How did you know which poster is on my bedroom wall?


Someday, we'll look back at the post-op photo.

Someday, we'll stop having nightmares about this post's photo.

Someday, we'll rightfully honor Stephen Baldwin's Hollywood career, with particular emphasis cast to Zebra Lounge, The Flintstones in Rock Vegas, and Jury Duty: The Comedy.

meanwhile, we're in the heart of the BASEBALL SEASON!
Toronto is holding on to a slim lead in the east, while the "it was a fluke" Rays played their asses off in Beantown over the weekend
Texas leads the west, which is a mind-f*ck
the Dodgers hold a 4 game lead w/out M being M, and the M-E-T-S are staying ahead of the WC Phils

but hell, I just hit shit with hammers for a living...


You forgot to mention the continued rise of Zombie Carl Pavano. His success is going to kill Yankee fans and that makes me smile. And we'll see about Toronto after they play some more games against the AL East. Not completely convinced by them yet.

thanks for the input Chief
I too like to see NY'ers sweat, and am far from convinced by the BJ's, but like mama always said, standings is standings

As a Tribe fan I know all too much about that.

Woah. Chipper just stole second in the 10th inning. Way to go, CHIPPER!

Cute pooch, Farthammer Clark.
What breed is it?


Carlos Beltran walked with the bases loaded in the bottom of the tenth and we've got SHRIMP IN QUEENS!

Beltran still didn't swing the bat.


Phillas, he is a terrier mutt. Daddy was a terrier mutt, mommy was half terrier mutt and half Guy Clark.

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