Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, what you don't tell people can say a lot.

  • HOW well will Dontrelle Willis fare in his first start of 2009 against the Twins. It must have been driving him nuts... er, really bothering him, not being able to hurl the old pill... er, ball around. Anyway, good luck Dontrelle.

  • IS some sort of plucky momentum being passed in the Marlins/Brewers series? The once hot Marlins are ice cold, while the Crew are just starting to hita stride.

  • DID you stream the new Wilco record yet? I just finished my first spin. I'm reserving judgement until I get a bunch more listens under my belt, but I really like the first track.

  • CAN Johnny Cueto continue his torrid start against the Diamondbacks and keep the Reds nipping at the heels of the Cards?

  • CAN groundball wonderdude Brian Bannister help the Royals end their 4 game losing streak? They're looking for the split in their two gamer against the A's.

  • WHERE would Walkoff Walk be without our talented friends? It's just Rob and me on the marquee up there, but that's a real farce. DMac has been doing yeoman's work all week and Sooze's liveblog was as incredible as always. They're just furthering the already stellar list of things that other people have contributed to this site. WoW is a family.

You've been Wednesday'd! DMac and I will be back tomorrow to Thursday the hell out of you. Same WoW channel.

(Awesome picture of the home run lights in the Astrodome circa 1986 from the Flickr page of Dana Graves.)

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Shameless pimping time:

That is the new home of my blog, "A Scouting Life", as it was acquired by the cultured types at PBS/WNET/Channel 13. Wonder if they know what sort of stuff I write sometimes?

Listening to the stream right now. Deeply 70s sort of atmosphere so far. Also, I'm not sure repeating the band (song/album) name works as well for Wilco as for, say, Run-DMC. Like it, though.

Chief, that's fantastic--congrats! Glad that your stuff is going to get a larger audience. I would not be surprised if you land a nice book deal out of this.

Chief: I liked the first post for the PBS site. Congrats!

(The best thing on your IMDb page is that Hamlet TV version with Michael Imperioli as Rosencrantz.)

You know, I went to an Astros/Padres game at the Astrodome in the 80s.

I'm feeling ok about the D-Train in spite of the 2 run homer just now. It could have gone a lot worse than that after all.

Congrats Cheif, that's awesome

dmac, you actually saw that? You are the only person I ever heard say that, it was pretty obscure.

@Chief, can you get me free movie tickets?

Seriously though, congrats, that is very cool.

Chief, way to go. I'm probably too happy for someone that I know only through this website, but I'm pumped for you, fella.

Anyone else watching the Jays/Yankees? The 2 guys sitting behind home plate acting like the ump are really annoying. Especially the guy wearing the umpire mask.

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