Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, your face is showing.

  • DID the Pirates use my piece from yesterday as bulletin board material? They're going for the sweep of St. Louis.

  • WILL CC Sabathia and the Yankees take rubber from those Blue Jays?

  • CAN the Royals put the brakes on their recent skid against the Orioles?

  • THINKING about attending a show at Johnny D's in Davis Sq., Somerville? Don't. They tossed me and my buddy out of the Justin Townes Earle show last night for hooting and clapping. AT A COUNTRY SHOW. Screw this, I'm moving to Texas.

I bid you all a good evening. Tomorrow is Friday. We've got a whole lineup of good stuff. Creampuff, Classic TV and DMac's Cinema Varitek review of Major League. Get pumped. Same WoW channel.

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Helluva play by Florida State Seminole JD Drew to keep the Sox/Halos knotted at 4.

Helluva liveglog this afternoon. Great work, dmac!

Had no idea you were such a shitkicker, Kris. We should see some country music together. A French coworker once referred to me as a "New York Ceety Redneck".

I knew I liked you, Chief
I'm the resident Yankabilly up here
(and K's cohort @ the JTE show)

Saw Hank III recently, great show.

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