Tonight's Questions

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distressedbatmanbaby.jpg Hey kids, I'll just sit here.

  • CAN the Mets continue their successful West Coast swing in LA, where the Dodgers have been excellent this season?

  • WILL the Pirates use the Nationals lousiness to get back in the NL Central mix?

  • HOW badly do the Twins need to avoid the sweep and leave Yankee Stadium with their dignity and sanity intact?

  • NOW that baseball is moving up the start times for the World Series does this mean Rob can stay up for the whole game with the grownups?

  • DO you Furious Five live on Monday nights at 10 PM, or do you DL it later and listen on the train? If you just ignore us all together, you're really missing out. Plus you're supposed to be supportive, Mom.

We'll see you tonight on the radio. Then back here tomorrow, same WoW channel. You too, Cranky Batman Baby.

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Why so serious Batman Baby?

Rob realy coasted on his first day back, didn't he?

Suck it, PBS Boy.

Don't wait for the pledge drive, send your donations now. Daddy needs new shoes.

Tonight's Pirates-Nats game marks the first time in Major League history that two guys named Ross will pitch in the same game.

In fact, I'll have a post on Blogcritics soon (hopefully tonight) about the near miss of two Rosses pitching in 1980. I know you are fascinated.

So it's the War of the Rosses?

I actually used "Clash of the Corossus." I wish I had your wit, because that's better.

Today's a holiday in Canada (Blue Jays won the matinee, completing the sweep of the Pale Hose). Over/Under on Lloyd/Drew's Labatt/Molson intake for the day: 3.5

Take it, it's yours.

Will Drew be saying taint again this week on the pod cat?

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