Tonight's Questions

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presidentspierogies.jpg Hey kids, sick fridge.

  • IF I obtain a vial of Brett Cecil's sweat at the Sox/Jays tilt, how much will a Blue Jays blogger pay me for it?

  • WHAT time will the second half of the Snakes/Fish double dip end if the first game doesn't start until 5? Expect the dozens of fans that stay for the whole thing to be late to work tomorrow!

  • HOW many pitches will Chris Carpenter throw in tonight's Liveglogged Cubs/Cards game before he is doused with a fire extinguisher and put in an ambulance?

  • HOW many more losses does Eric Wedge have in him? Gil Meche and the Royals will try and make him as unemployed as the rest of us.

  • WILL the Yankees extend their winning streak to 8 games against J-Gut and the O's?

  • AND how many of the cases in tonight's Yankee Kangaroo Court will involve a naked Nick Swisher? Over/under is set at 11.

Finito, burrito. Have fun with Tuffy tonight and come back at 8PM for the glog. Show him that webfamous Walkoff Walk Hospitality, will you? Hasta manana. Same WoW Channel.

(Presidents and pierogies picture via Flickr user afagen)

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Washington looks like he's about to NOM the shit out of that perogie

All right foodies, who here has made grilled chicken utilizing a half-full can of beer? Send me your tips and marinade recipes.

Pierogies? I thought that was Taft and Truman running alongside Abe and GW.

I hope you will be using charcoal, Colonel. I've made a variation of this before.

Anyone know if the domain name EricWedgeCanLickMyTaint is taken yet?

It is currently 1:24 am, the second game of the Fishsnake doubleheader is now into the 13th inning. There may well be a dozen people in attendance.

Justin Upton just hit a ball that may have landed on Kris's mom's house. Kiko Calero is pitching in his second game of the day and the Arizona broadcast team is openly mocking Florida and the schedule maker. Weirdest games ever.

Ball game! 1:50 AM bitches. Dan Uggla hit a home run because fuck the clock.

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