Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, it's all right where you left it.

  • WILL tonight's debut of Braves rookie hurler Kris Medlen make us all forget about the other folks named Kris in our lives, like Liakos, Kristofferson, and Kross?

  • CAN the Blue Jays salvage the final game of the series at Fenway and avoid being swept for the first time all year? No worries, Jays fans...Jon Lester's going tonight so your worsening offense should unworsen for a night.

  • IS the third game of the Giants-Padres series destined to end in a 2-1 San Diego win for a third time in a row? With Tim Lincecum pitching, the Dads will be lucky to score one run, let alone two.

  • WHEN will the Houston Astros hitters remove their craniums from their aniums and provide Roy Oswalt with some run support? Dude should have more than one win on the year by now.

  • WOULD you ever want to have a wedding music video as awesome and as douche-chilly as the one above? Lip-dubbing to Queen? Sure!

That's going to end your business day here at Walkoff Walk. Thanks to our buddy D-Mac for another great liveglog featuring a special surprise ending! Tune in tomorrow for your Friday Favorites and a special sendoff for the Memorial Day Weekend ahead. Not so fast, Canadians. Same WoW channel.

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don't forget about your new American Idol Kris Allen

and jolly ol' elf Kringle

o.k., I watched that wedding video, does it make me a terrible person that I hope they get divorced one day?

btw Rob thanks for not mentioning a certain winning streak

Awesome: The Twins, trying to avoid being swept by the White Sox, put up 20 runs before the seventh-inning stretch. I love baseball...

A little bit of Mauer power goes a long way, no? Two doubles, a tetra tot, six ribs...the kid is on fire since I chose him in the PPP this week.

Way to give a 20 spot when Peavy is trying to decide if he'll accept the trade.

20 runs? fucking shit. The Twins must be fantasy baseball gold today

If you actually have Matt Tolbert on your fantasy team, go shoot yourself.

EVERY twinkie has 6 Ribbies it feels like :( Bleurgh

We have a 20 team league. Matt Tolbert could be a starter for someone.

Speaking of that 20 team league, it's only appropriate that BC Twins Fan appears poised to be the first one to take me down a peg or eight. WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO DESTROY ME, MINNESOTA TWINS?!?

Who the hell spells Kris with a K anyway? Perhaps Liakos is Roger Clemens' bastard love child.

Medlen is a flat brim hat guy, and Chipper was giving him a hard time about it.

Is the hat cocked to one side? If so I'd punch it to straighten that thing out.

Also its Bobby Cox's birthday

Berkman and Cooper get tossed for arguing with the umps.

(needless to say, the Houston fans aren't happy)

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