Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, now in Hazelnut, Irish Cream and Stinging Regret.

Until tomorrow. You know how I like it. Same WoW Channel.

(Waveland Ave Rooftop photo stolen from the Cubscentric Flickrstream of Wallyg)

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Four stories of douche.

There are 400 Brewers fans registering one vote for Rickie Weeks for each sausage sandwich they eat this spring, hence his second place position with 400,000 votes.

I was told there would be no math.

Kris will have to improve by leaps and bounds, he goes up against Lincecum tonight

I once saw Tommy Lasorda exiting from one of those rooftop buildings before a Cubs-Dodgers game. He looked disturbingly satiated.

How come the MLB scoreboard on the right says Information temporarily unavailable?

If you squint, you can see George Will shotgunning an Icehouse tallboy.

Phillas, I don't know. I'll fix it as soon as I fix the tags.

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