Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, you can't spell limes without L-I-M-E-Z.

Have a good evening WoWies. Sorry for no liveglog today, but you knew we'd make it up to you. The illustrious Sooze is here tomorrow, doing Sox/Twinks. Getcha some. Same WoW Channel.

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WHAT is the missing XML header that is continually fucking up our tidy MLB scoreboard widget?

WILL Aaron Hill be offended if I offer to kiss him?

WILL Nolan Reimold ever be allowed across the border into Canadia again?

WILL anyone pay attention to the NO FUNERAL sign I have taped to my back as I hang from the Rogers Center rafters.

WILL Rogers hide a "removal fee" in Drew's widow's next phone bill?

What is a parsing module spec? I assume it is a unit of measurement used to track number of Bobby Crosby HR per year.

WHY is Justin Morneau leading the LEAGUE in OPS but he is fourth at his POSITION in all-star voting.

Don't give the fans too much credit Kris

I just made a Juicy Lucy. Was damn good.

I've been making special Farthammer burgers with my own rub stuffed with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes since I was in High School.

Juicy Lucy? More like Juicy Fart....hammer.

Juicy Lucie's was the name of a titty bar on Brookpark Road in Cleveland that let high school kids drink in the late 80's. The manager/doorman was an Elvis impersonator who did a show on roller skates in between dancers. At the end of the night he led all the gals in a conga line. I miss that place.

Shouldn't that be a Cheesy Weezy?

Chief, that sounds awesome.

Chief, you might very well be the WoW's Most Interesting Man.

I disagree. I am way more interested in Darren, and how he decided to place a crayon in a cup of coffee.

I'm more interesting than any of you loosey goosey juicy lucies.
Also the nicest.

I'm mostly concerned with exactly what Farthammer is rubbing on his burgers.

Fairly standard ingredients - most rubs will have the majority of them. But you'd be surpised at what a dash of oregeno and a whole lot o' love can do.

Fairly standard ingredients - most rubs will have the majority of them. But you'd be surpised at what a dash of oregeno and a whole lot o' love can do.

Don't forget the teaspoon of Guy Clark.

Oregano, goat cheese, and Guy Clark.

Burger sounds good, but I made a lasagna that's so damn good I want to hump the pan.


The "whole lot o' love" is exactly what I pictured Farthammer rubbing on his burgers.

Guy Clark loves Lasagna, Rubs, and Garfield.

I thought Fartie was rubbing one out on his burgers and made a mental note not to accept any dinner invitations from him.

I'm reminded of a throwaway joke during a Letterman monologue literally decades ago:

"And now, a special message for all of you who enjoy Dad's Root Beer."

"I'm Dad."

Why I can remember this, I don't understand.

There is no off position on the genius switch.

A classic.

In case you guys missed it the new blog post is up. Features a fat Dominican transvestite.

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