Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I dreamt of a factory where they manufactured what I needed.

Tomorrow is Funky Freaky Foie Gras Friday. First 100 commenters get some funky freaky foie gras. So join us, dudes and dames. Same WoW Channel.

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The Orioles are more fun to watch with all these pitchers I havent seen yet, cause at least im not assured that we will need 15 runs to win.

I'm gonna be camping in this comment all night. I want the first foie gras.

Even though I had a lovely duck mousse pate over the weekend there's stil room for goose.

Who's watching the Spelling Bee out there?

Cavs game you moron.

You're the moron rooting for another Cleveland franchise destined to break your heart.

Nope. This is the day that things are going to change.

You can't spell delusion without L-O-S...wait, yes you can.

A few years ago I was in a bar in New Orleans when an old timer started gently ribbing me about wearing a Larry Doby throwback. I told him that was going to be our year. His reply? "Yeah, that's what Lou Boudreau said."

Tonight. LeBron. Witness.

Tonight. Thirteen-year-old Indian-American girl from Peoria. Witness.

Pissy pitcher pops pelvis: Brett Myers creampuffed for maybe 2 months

What's with all these bad pelvi?
Throwin' it to teh groupies too hard, probably.

Clint Hurdle shitcanned? Anybody got some intel?

Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck. Fucking fuckerson fucks fucking fuckers. Fucking fuckface fucker. Fucking fuck. Fuck. Fuck me, you fucking fuck.

One point game at the half.

Glavine threw five scoreless innings and earned his first minor-league win in 22 years for the Class AAA Gwinnett Braves Thursday in a rehab start against Indianapolis

22 years between minor league wins? He must suck

Thirteen year old Indian-American girls from Kansas eat pieces of shit like Lebron for breakfast.

I was bummed that the cool kid finished fifth. Well, I suppose cool is relative, but he was signing autographs, which is ok in my book.

The winning word, Laodicean, means "Indifferent or lukewarm especially in matters of religion".

I'm sure the fundamentalist Christians will have a field day with that.

The sad part is that the biggest showdown between two superstars that we will see this summer occurred in the Spelling Bee, where those two childhood friends went toe to toe. Maybe Nike should have sponsored that in lieu of this mythical Kobe-LeBron showdown that will never happen.

There's always next year.

Holy shit, I sound like a Cleveland fan.

It's amazing, so amazing so amazing so amazing.

When I finally hole up in a clock tower and do something drastic, that song will be the soundtrack.

That's one. Two more this series and four in the next. C'mon, would you deny the guy in the $3,000.00 suit?

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