Troy O'Leary Creates Reality Show; John Valentin Wicked Involved

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As a member of the Red Sox, Troy O'Leary put together a handful of decent years but is perhaps best known in perpetuity for Bill Simmons always talking about how white his name sounds. Probably not a legacy any ballplayer really dreams about having. At least his clubhouse nickname, "Yummy was less well known.

In any case O'Leary, who seems to be the rare athlete living comfortably retired on his mid-tier career earnings, is looking to build a new legacy as the creator of a a new reality show. And he's bringing some old friends along, Sox fans.

About two years ago, however, he had a thought, born mostly out of frustration from not being able to land a friend a job in baseball and all of the negativity surrounding baseball's steroid scandal. He realized that baseball, even with all of its extensive scouting, might be missing the occasional diamond in the rough.

So he began thinking about a concept for a baseball TV reality series. Month by month, it started to get more creative and involved. He added associates in Alexandra Athanasopoulos and Mike Pearson. He got ex-players and friends like Reggie Jefferson, Mike Stanley, Darren Lewis, John Valentin, Jeff Cirillo, and Rafael Naboa to commit to roles. He received guidance from Reds manager Dusty Baker and from former agent and current special adviser to the White Sox Dennis Gilbert.

Now O'Leary, 39, is ready to become the Simon Cowell of baseball on a show called "Play Big or Go Home."

During the last few war torn and downtrodden years here in the US I said over and over, that what the country really needed was a triumphant return to the spotlight by Reggie Jefferson. As you'll see once Play Big Or Go Home premiers, I am not wrong.

The format sounds a little confusing, as players will send tapes of themselves playing to O'Leary, who will whittle that pack down to 15 finalists who will be judged in person. Criteria is still a bit hazy, but perhaps having a definite benchmark like our friends over at the Million Dollar Arm might be a good idea. Otherwise I just imagine some poor kid standing on a stage and getting 10 fungos hammered at him then barked offstage by an angry Jeff Cirillo after bobbling one. They can change the name to Small Sample Size Theatre.

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If Dusty has anything to do with it, they'll name the show, "Rotator Cuff Eulogy Hour".

Boring. I've got a better idea. Its a Rock of Love Bus but for baseball player's groupies. Jason Giambi would make a great host/contestant.

Was Sam Horn and Lou Merloni not available?

He realized that baseball, even with all of its extensive scouting, might be missing the occasional diamond in the rough.

Yeah, because between AAA, AA, A, independent, and semi-pro leagues, multiple divisions of the NCAA, AAU circuits, not to mention the NL West, the THOUSANDS of scouts currently employed by MLB teams must be missing ONE dude.

"Hey you, can you hold a bat? Come be on TV!"

@matt T, maybe it should be called Rock of Glove?


You could call it Roid of Love. TOPICAL

"Was Sam Horn and Lou Merloni not available?"

were, not was. Me no speak too good.

Next on "Roid of Love:" Can Charlene post a high Value Over Replacement Skank?

I once got an STD just by watching "Rock of Love Tour Bus". At least that's my story.

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