Watch Rick Ankiel Nosedive Into the Wall Before the Video Disappears

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Courtesy of our friends at the 700 Level, it's Cardinals outfielder Rick Ankiel sliding face-first into the outfield wall at New Busch Stadium.

Fella should be okay. He was never unconscious and the X-rays were negative. Kudos to the 700 Level for embedding the video of America's sweetheart Ankiel in a sober, informative manner. Were that Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran, I can only imagine the video would have been set to "Yakety Sax".

official MLB video thanks to Big League Stew

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He claims he never lost consciousness, but that head bounce says otherwise. That's Fate saying "Have a Tylenol before I crack you over the head with this hammer."

He's going to know what most of my weekend mornings feel like today.

I loved that the Cards' team physician said in his presser last night, "He has some discomfort in the face area."


I didn't know "the face area" was a clinical term. Fact: the Cards team physician is Dr. Nick.

Also, the Phils' broadcast crew spent a couple minutes debating whether or not it should have been a catch, then were quietly disappointed when it was deemed he caught the ball. It's 6-1. Let's just go home.

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