Weekend of Wild Walkoff Walks Wows Whole World

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The walkoff walk is a perfect baseball occurrence. It's not so frequent that it happens on a weekly basis, losing its uniqueness and ruining the specialness of the event. It's also not a thrice-in-a-lifetime sort of deal like an unassisted triple play, or a Phillies World Championship. No, the walkoff walk will show up about seven or eight times a baseball season to delight you, when you least expect it, and sometimes, it comes in bunches.

Take this past weekend. I woke up early Saturday morning to catch a flight to Cleveland when I popped open this here website to find, thanks to our awesome weekend editor Drew, our favorite treadmill-running shrimp, the official YouTube video of the walkoff walk. The Dodgers had won on a walkoff walk on Friday night! This was already the second WoW of the season in baseball, and oddly, the second WoW for the Dodgers team. Believe it or not, the Dodgers had a chance for a third walkoff walk on Saturday night but stupid Andre Ethier decided it'd be more exciting to hit a bases-loaded RBI single than see some shrimp.

No matter, the Phillies' Shane Victorino picked up the slack on Saturday and drew the second walkoff walk of the weekend as documented here, again by our pal Drew. This time, thanks to our good relationship with the Philly baseballblogosphere, I was alerted immediately via text message, email, phone call, and bat signal. It happened between courses at the wedding dinner I was attending; needless to say, the overall reaction at the table could best be described as "nonplussed" and "concerned for the safety of someone who had one too many gin-and-tonics".

Last night, the Mariners had a chance to make it a three-for-three weekend. But Jose Lopez let us down, knocking another bases-loaded walkoff RBI single off 'reliever' Dana Eveland in the bottom of the 15th. I guess Eveland, who had just started and pitched five innings on Friday night, just wanted to throw strikes and go home. Kind of like how I felt yesterday morning when I woke up in Cleveland with a hangover.

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You can never have too much shrimp, no matter what the manager of Red Lobster tells you

I don't recommend you try to eat over 70 shrimp in one setting. It sounds like a good idea at the time.

Enjoy it while it lasts, kids. You don't get shrimps in months that end in Rs.
Or something like that.


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