Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, I've always been plagued by pattern recognition.

  • WHICH weekend series is of the most consequence? I don't think you'd be wrong in saying either Angels/Rangers or Brewers/Cardinals.

  • IS Zack Greinke ever going to make a bad start again? The Orioles hope so, he'll take the hill against them tonight.

  • CAN Jon Lester help Boston make good on this West Coast trip out in Seattle? I'm still hopeful since his indicators point to him snapping out of his funk soon.

  • WILL the Dodgers continue to stay above the Manny mess and gut the floundering Fish?

  • CAN Barry Larkin rap? Of course he can!

  • WILL the Blue Jays TCB against the White Sox and hold on to first place? Living legend Brett Cecil gets the ball at home tonight for Toronto.

  • AM I going to ask that about Toronto for every series they play as long as they're in first? Probably.

  • HAVE you ever seen the 1972 film "Fuzz"? I watched it last night after the sports massacres. Not very good. But Florida State Seminole Burt Reynolds was great in it, Raquel Welch was really hot and it was cool to see the streets of Boston from 1972. So it was bad, but I still recommend it.

The week is over and I'd just like you all to give Daniel "D-Mac" McQuade another round of applause. To say he ably filled in for Rob is a vast understatement and I couldn't be more thankful for the help. He'll still be dropping in, but it was a real treat to get to read him on a regular basis here. Keep up with all the other places he's writing by following his Twitter. Thanks again, man.

And speaking of dudes who show me up on a regular basis, Drew is in the house all weekend. This is site is a damned juggernaut, I'll tell you. See you all later. Same WoW channel.

(Photo of Dewey with the awesome Rollie Fingers 'stache stolen from Bob's Baseball Museum.)

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Fantastic job this week Dmac, you're like the cool substitute that let's us watch movies.

ps. If I don't make it home alive from the Mastodon concert tonight, I love all of you.

By sports massacres you mean that Scotty Walker beaut, right?

I'm very much looking forward to reading about Matt's time at the Matondon show.

Great job, dmac!


And, scratch that n.

This week has killed me...

Awesome work, dmac. And Matt better be telling us about the Mastodon show...

Lovin you is like frying bacon naked...

Nice work, DMAC. You just might have a claim on being Clooney.

You know who is not Clooney?
Livan Hernandez. 4 runs in the 1st to the Giants? Hahahahaha.

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