Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, pour down center

  • IS Nolan Ryan suited to become a minority owner of the Texas Rangers? A white guy as a minority? I didn't realize there were that many Hispanics in Dallas.

  • DOES Joe Maddon strike you as the kind of boob who believes in ghostststs? He strikes me as more of an Egon Spengler than a Peter Venkman.

  • WILL Clint Hurdle survive through the weekend? The Rox are playing the hot hot Padres, so I wouldn't be surprised to see bench coach Jim Tracy promoted by Monday. (UPDATE: whoops)

  • CAN the Phillies continue to pad their record with yet another three game series with the Nationals? It's a tough June ahead with a West Coast trip, a Mets series, and then 15 straight games against the AL East.

  • AREN'T you glad that the scoreboard widget on the right works again? You never realize how much you use something as simple as that until it's gone.

  • WHO introduced Mike Tyson and Joan Jett?

Thus ends another solid and hilarious week at Walkoff Walk. We couldn't have done it without the excellent commenters. Well, we could have but that's like eating a burger with no ketchup, mayo, mustard, and pickles. You're our pickles, folks. Hang out and welcome Blue Jays fan Drew the Barber this weekend; Kris and I will be back on Monday with fun stuff and a new podcast. Same WoW channel.

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Geez, everybody was in The Runaways.

Maybe it's because she is standing next to Tyson but Joan Jett looks pretty good in that picture.

Also, WILL the Yankees sit alone a top of the AL East after this weekend?

btw, I'll be in Oak Ridge, TN all next week. Anyone ever been there?

Rob, are you also a witch?

Hurdle to be fired today


Good find, UU. I owe you a Coke.

don't thank me Rob, thank the fine folks at Deadspin.

"Rockies Relieve Rotund Roster Writer" was Kris' idea. Mine was "Colorado Clears Clint's Cupboard".

"Hefty Hurdle Heave Hoed"

Clint Can't Coach Colorado....Anymore

Cunty Clint Canned.

"Colorado Cans Coach Clint"

Tell Yahoo to make Wieters active on my team. The turnaround begins now.

The EXXXtreme Depression strikes home: Mrs. Honeynut was laid off today. Hey, my wife and Clint Hurdle are cosmic twins!

Now seems like a good time to drink.

Sorry to hear that Honeynut. My advice is to drink heavily.

Maybe it's time we all finally get a place together.

I know two others who are probably in.


Thanks, Chief. My plan also involves drinking heavily, but then that's my answer to everything. Usually because it works.

Sorry to hear, Honeynut. Unemployment is a beautiful thing. I've been out of work for 6 months and things are peachy. As follows.
I have to tell a story. It won't be as eloquent as Chief's writings but fuck you anyway.
So I get invited out tonight by a friend to have a few drinks. He brings his buddy along. I have had drinks with the other guy before but I wouldn't say we're friends.
The other guy gets into it at the bar. My buddy intercedes and gets a glass smashed across his face. My slow ass finally jumps in and holds back the instigator. The others disappear before the bouncer arrives.
We get back to my buddy's place where I clean him up and close the wound. (His buddy can't stand the sight of blood, but sure doesn't mind starting shit.) I can handle blood and flesh and all that, no problem.
He leaves the bathroom and I decide to use the facilities. I lift the toilet lid, and there's a HUGE FUCKING TURD floating in the bowl. Now I'm grossed out.
I flush, do my thing, flush again, and wash up. Still grossed out.
I go to the living room to tell them someone didn't flush. They have turned on the tv.
What movie are they watching? That's right: Road House.
I go home.

HAHAHAHAHAAA...that story ruled. WHat bar were you at?

That's a great story, phillas--although, I'm sorry you were the one who had to experience it.

Honeynut, sorry about that news. Hope your wife finds something soon.

Fartie, IF we ever get together to drink, please flush before you leave your abode. Thanks.

Never. I leave my mark so the wife and the dog know who's boss.

I want to assume you were at a North Beach bar like OReilly's or in the Mission at Zeitgeist.

I love Zeitgeist.
This happened in the Haight. No need to ruin the fine reputation of the place.

Fair enough. Zeitgeist is probably my favorite bar there. The juke box kicks ass, the burgers are awesome, and they have sweet beer.

Maybe one of these days I'll go back to the city for an evening. Sometimes I miss it.

Hey look, the A's have one of the worst 3 records in the league!

I'd drive down the peninsula to meet you and your bride for a drink. Catch a game on tv at a bar or somewhere. Throw a few directionless haymakers.

WalkoffWalk, where Bay Area drinking connections happen!

The next few weekends I have class...but after that we will set things up.

Classes for what? Farthammer is gonna try to be a high school math teacher.

Massive Met Move: Chicago comes calling for Castro.

I'm jealous, Phillas. I worked til nine, came home and stayed in. My life is boring.

I will fucking burn you alive if you ever say your life is boring, Wong Kar Wahoo.

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