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Hey kids, everything you can imagine is real.

Yep, I'm headed to Spain for a little vacation but Walkoff Walk will be thriving next week in my absence. First up, the weekend ahead, where Drew will make you swoon with his tidy game previews and recaps. Then on Monday and Tuesday, our pal Dan McQuade will grab the reins and entertain you. Finally, my life partner Kris returns on Wednesday to elevate the level of discourse on this here website to its classic dickjokery and affability. Same WoW channel.

I'll see you all again on Monday the 18th. Let's see how long I can go offline and not read email or check my RSS feeds or update my fantasy teams. I hope, by that point in time, no more of our favorite sluggers will get unwanted vacations, no more players slide headfirst into walls, and the Yankees offense has figured out how to drive in a man from third with fewer than two outs. Adios, chulos!

(Photo credit: dabasse on Flickr)

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Spain is going to be a letdown now that you've seen The Cleve.

safe travels Rob, don't forget to pack your green Yankee hat

My Grandparents came to the States from Spain. Say what's up to my people.

Have fun. Watch your wallet around them feriners.
we are soooo having a party once he's out the door

First person to make the "I want what he's having" joke about the picture gets fired.

...Y a luego, una catastrofia con una pelota de besibol.

What's so great abour organic tapas anyway?

Whoa whoa... you haven't sent me the GTalk of a friend or relative who can serve as a substitute recipient of Yankees/Jersey scorn. You'll go en ninguna parte until this is done.

D Chuck is hablaing espanol and I still can't find my wallet.

Just drilled a hole in my thumb. Whoops.

McCann got some sweet new glasses

Fastfan on Field in Philly.


Fuck Curtis Granderson. That is all.

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