What's Up Creampuff: Dudes That Got Hurt

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newstretcher.JPGSo I'm a carpenter now when I'm not blogging for you nice folks. Lifting giant set pieces over my head, using table saws, bandsaws, hammers, nail guns etc. Yesterday was my fourth day and had miraculously avoided any injuries. Then I got sent to pick up some stuff at Home Depot... AND SLICED OPEN MY HAND ON A PIECE OF PLYWOOD. There was blood all over Home Depot. Only I could work for a week in a wood shop and sustain my only injury at the store. I'm such a creampuff.

  • Koji Uehara,Orioles: Koge got hit in the sternum with a line drive and is listed as day to day. Can we blame this on the Year Of The Abdomen Injury? I know it's higher up, but a thorax is a thorax.

  • Travis Hafner, Indians: Hafner, on the comeback trail after a shoulder injury limited him to 57 games last year, is back on the DL with an ouchie in the same shoulder. Sounds like terrible news right? Apparently Indians manager Eric Wedge is high because he says, "We don't think it's anything serious." Ok, buddy.

  • Jose Valverde, Astros: Here's a gross one for you. Ho-Valve has some hematomas in his leg that need to be drained. If I was in the OR for this one, I'd save the fluid in a Dixie Cup and sell it on Ebay.

  • Brad Lidge, Phillies: Lidge has some pain in his right knee that has kept him sidelined this week. Todd Zolecki says a trip to the DL "is not imminent" which really isn't that comforting. What would you say if I said I hadn't seen Evil Dead 2 yet? You'd think I wanted to right?

  • Nate McLouth, Pirates: Oh, bleak. Not really he's supposed to be back today.

  • Augie Ojeda, Diamondbacks: Raped by a wallaby.

  • BJ Ryan, Blue Jays: Not only is Beej on the deel, he's getting straight shutdown. Who do the Blue Jays think they are with all these pitching injuries, The Angels?

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Did your filthy Greek blood eat all the way through the concrete floor, or just kinda discolor it?

so that makes you Kris Carpenter.

wocka wocka

Note to self: don't buy any tables or chairs that are marked "Made in Boston" and have Garfield stenciled onto the bottom.

I can't wait to see Joe Mauer on next weeks Creampuff

JC was a carpenter, too.

You might call it a hhhhh...Chreampuff?

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