Adam Dunn's Familiarity With Blogs On Par With Adam Dunn's Familiarity With Fielding

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The Nationals are having a tough time drumming up local support for their historically awful team so they're digging around at the bottom of the cookie box for any random crumb that might pique the taste of Washington fans. What did they find down there? BLOGGERS!

Washington invited the entire Nats blogosphere to hang out in the press box and participate in a press conference on Saturday night. Bloggers got the chance to interview stars like Nick Johnson and Ryan Zimmerman and hurl hard-hitting questions at them like "Are you on Facebook?" Oh please friendster me, Willie Harris! You're the dreamiest!

Of course, Adam Dunn claims to have no idea what a blog is, let alone how to use one. Sez Adam:

"I'm not going to lie, I don't even know what a blog is...and I'm serious. Is it like Facebook?"

Knowing everything that's written out there about you, Adam, it's probably for the best that you've got no idea how to mash your ham-hocks on a computerator keyboard.

(Via Mr. Mottram Irrelevants Bros Inc and Bog Twitter but mysteriously not Nats 320)

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I got Cristian Guzman to sign my sweatpants.

MDT, the front or back? We gotta know.

Sadly that was a joke about my fashion sense and not a true story.

I don't think they would've let me in, anyway. I'm a "blogger" like Dunn is an "outfielder" and Rob is a "Clooney".

I feel bad for lying to Phillas though. I'm going up to Nats/Os this weekend. You can have my Nick Markakis Batting Practice Jersey at the Heist to make up for it. If I can get Guzman to sign it, I will.

Oh, and for the record, if Guzman ever signs my sweatpants I'll get him to do it on the taint.

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