Baseball After Bedtime: Sick City Sometimes

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Here's what happened in baseball last night when the buildings took a fall:

Brewers 14, Indians 12: The teams combined for six home runs at Seagull Field including Prince Fielder's game winning tetra tot in the eighth. The game took four hours and featured appearances by twelve pitchers which made this seem more like a Love Boat marathon on TV Land than a baseball game. Seriously, I think Isaac your bartender pitched the sixth inning with a daiquiri in one hand.

Angels 9, Giants 7: The Giants must have imported wind from Yankee Stadium for this affair as a whopping seven ding-dongs exited AT&T Park, including two by Pablo Sandoval in a losing cause. The Angels batted Barry Zito around as if he were some kind of cheap rubber dog toy while John Lackey was just good enough to strike out 10 Giants and nail down the win.

Artie Lange 101, Joe Buck 0: Hurry up before HBO has this clip removed.

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