Baseball Before Bedtime: Always a Friend

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Here's what happened in baseball last night when nobody got hurt:

Brewers 10, Mets 6: Casey McGehee giveth, Casey McGehee taketh away. Just an inning after making a Luis Castillo-esque oopsie and dropping a pop-up that led to two runs, the Brewers third baseman collected his first career tetra tot. McGehee then retreated to the dugout for some high fives and fist bumps, yelled expletives into his helmet, and then appeared briefly for his Miller Park curtain call. Speaking of Castillo, Luis left five runners on base despite getting double-switched out of the game in the fourth.

Giants 10, Cardinals 0: Mark DeRosa was moved up to second in the lineup and went hitless again but the new Card shouldn't feel too bad. The entire St. Louis team flailed and flopped against Tim Lincecum tonight, with only Bert Pujols and Rick Ankiel reaching base. With eight strikeouts in a speedy 2 hour 6 minute game, that makes Timmy's third career shutout and his second in the last two weeks. At this rate, they'll be engraving his Cy Young Award sometime mid-August.

Cubs 3, Pirates 1: Rich Harden helped the Cubs continue their crushing domination against the Pirates at PNC Park while Milton Bradley smacked an RBI double as part of his "rehab the batting average, win back the fans" campaign. Harden collected a win for the first time since mid-May; he struck out nine Pirates while walking just one in seven innings. Zach Duke was the hard luck loser, also known as the dude who pitches a perfectly good game but earns no win because the batter in the three hole goes 0-for-4 with six men left on base.

Royals 4, Twins 2: Luke Hochevar outdueled Nick "Gasm" Blackburn with seven tidy scoreless innings but the most notable part of the game occurred when Twins skipper Ron Gardenhire desperately attempted to get tossed from the game while arguing what he thought should be a foul ball. Home plate ump Larry Vanover took the ribbing from Gardy with such a lack of interest that it almost seemed there would be no ejection. I can only imagine Gardy yelling out the most polite things and just begging to get sent off so he could 'fire up' his team; Vanover seemed to just want to get out of Kauffman Stadium fast enough to make it home in time for the 11:30 rerun of "Everybody Loves Raymond".

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