Baseball Before Bedtime: Genius

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Here's what happened in baseball last night when I became a minor inconvenience:

Angels 6, Blue Jays 5: For those of you who enjoyed Kris' liveglog and missed out on Drew's counterprogramming on the north side, well, you missed manchild Adam Lind go five-for-five and extend his hitting streak to 8. That's eight straight at-bats, not games. Pretty amazing stuff. Oh, Howie Kendrick plated the winning run when he scampered home on a double play in the ninth as Lyle Overbay's throw came up jusssssssst shy.

Pirates 11, Mets 6: Pittsburgh called up young Andrew McCutchen and the kid nabbed the broom and swept the Mets straight outta town. McCutchen's debut was good: 2-for-4, three runs, a stolen base and an RBI. Jason Jaramillo drove in four runs, too, whoever he is. Mike Pelfrey got roughed up and took the loss while Mets reliever J.J. Putz got a headstart away from the miasma that is the Mets team plane and flew to NYC to have his elbow examined. This is why we don't give big bucks to relievers, Omar.

Athletics 7, White Sox 0: In other sweep news and debut news, the ChiSox 2008 first round draftee Gordon Beckham got his first bittersweet taste of the bigs, going 0-for-3 with a strikeout at the hands of up-and-coming ace Brett Anderson. Fella lowered his ERA under 5.00 with seven shutout innings without a walk, while Jason Giambi tater-totted for the second day in a row. Streaks! This game lasted but 135 minutes, or about half the time it takes Ozzie Guillen to style his jheri curl.

Cardinals 3, Reds 1: Albert Pujols is a monster in human skin. Fella clanged a two-run ding-dong and a RBI double to support Chris Carpenter's complete game domination over Dusty's Boys. An eighth inning happy jack by Laynce Nix was Carp's only real mistake, except for the fact that he left his tuna salad sandwich out in his locker, and not in the team fridge. No matter, he used Miracle Whip which has so many preservatives that it could keep in the hot blazing sun of Death Valley for up to three weeks. Carp is now 4-0 with a 0.71 ERA. Jeez.

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