Baseball Before Bedtime: Green Shirt

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Here's what happened in baseball last night when you put these fingerprints on my imagination:

Angels 9, Mariners 8: Overcoming a seven-run deficit to win a game in walkoff fashion may be exciting and thrilling and wonderful and joyous, but when the possibility for a walkoff walk is ruined RUINED by a silly game-winning single by Kendry Morales, well, that's just not going to earn a salute from me. Morales' bases-loaded hit capped off Seattle reliever David Aardsma's sad ninth inning in which he allowed two hits, four walks, and the deciding three runs. Next time, be a bit more selective, Kendry, and we'll send you two orders of Kris' special Key West chile-lime shrimp kabobs.

White Sox 7, Royals 4: Zack Greinke is fallible, people. Maybe it's too soon to blame the Sports Illustrated cover curse (but not too soon to blame it for the whole Lebron mess) but Greinke can sometimes give up the farm. Staked to a 4-1 lead after three, Greinke allowed the ChiSox come back to tie the contest before Royals relief rejects John Bale and Juan Cruz let in three ninth-inning runs that let Ozzie's boys sweep K.C. Greinke finished May a measly 3-2. Get ready for that All Star Game start, Roy.

Indians 5, Yankees 4: Jhonny Peralta's three RBI, including the game-winner, led the Indians to a Sunday win over New York that was just out of the reach of former Yankee Carl Pavano. With a tidy 4-1 lead in the eighth inning, manager Eric Wedge pulled Pavano despite a low pitch count. Three Cleveland relievers promptly blew the save and allowed the Yanks to tie it up. No matter because closer Kerry Wood worked out of a tight ninth inning jam to set up his mates for the walkoff win. Again, no shrimp was served.

Padres 5, Rockies 2: Adrian Gonzalez became the first MLBer to notch twenty tater tots as the Dads held off the sweep at the hand of the Jim Tracy Era Rox. Don't look now but Gonzalez is on pace to collect over 60 homers. Seriously, don't look now or you'll upset him. He doesn't like too much attention. That's why he plays in San Diego.

Braves 9, Diamondbacks 3: Rookie Kris Medlen earned his first career victory thanks to teammate Chipper Jones' ding-dong and 4 RBI. Chipper notched three hits despite the enormous painful bunions on his foot, but is shunning the idea of doing anything about it. "I've heard nightmares about the surgery," he said. "It's something that will go away with rest buy I'm not sure how much rest I'm going to get." Rest! The great healer. It actually helped me overcome chlamydia.

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It's a small thing... but Greinke went 3-1 in May (yesterday was a no decision), leaving him with the same record as Halliday. On a team that quite obviously is much worse. Also, he gave up 3 runs on 8 hits yesterday. Halliday's last start? 3 runs on 8 hits.

It's not a huge deal, but acting like this puts Halliday in the All-Star lead is kind of dumb.

And yes, I just realized that I spelled Halladay wrong, so that's also kind of dumb. Gotta love my argumentative skills.

And that should say 3 earned runs for Greinke, I know it was 4 total.

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