Baseball Before Bedtime: Lucky One

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Here's what happened in baseball last night when I got loaded in a hearse:

Orioles 3, Mariners 1: Need a quick 'n' easy way to halt a five game losing streak? Send your most inexperienced pitcher to the mound against the Seattle Mariners for the second time in less than a week! The O's did just that as rookie Brad Bergesen hurled eight innings of five-hit, one-run, two-hour and nineteen minute ball, just a week after allowing just two runs in seven innings in Seattle. Tidy! Fellow rookie Nolan Reimold tallied a tater tot.

Marlins 4, Cardinals 3: If Jeremy Hermida clobbers a walkoff homer off Jason Motte to lead the Marlins to a win in front of a sparse crowd at Land Shark Stadium, did it really happen? Prior to the Hermidaheroics, Josh Johnson gave up three runs in seven while Chris Carpenter allowed three runs in his six innings, raising his ERA a half a run, all the way to 1.29. Marlins catcher John Baker had to leave the game after feeling the nasty side of an Albert Pujols backswing. Yeah, the bat part. Ouch.

Angels 4, Rays 3: Down one run and facing Angelheim closer Brian Fuentes, the Rays got the leadoff runner on base in the ninth on a Joe Dillon walk but couldn't bring him around. B.J. Upton struck out on a questionable strike and fussed over the call, leading to his ejection and Carl Crawford grounded into the game ending double play, preserving Jered Weaver's win, his sixth on the year. Ben Zobrist homered again. He's obviously high on Rays magic.

Mets 6, Phillies 5: I didn't watch this game but I didn't need to. You Phillies and Mets fans on Twitter kept me abreast of the goings on that included seven tater tots, three by the Mets and four off of Johan Santana, just the second time the ace has given up four dongs in one night. Johan made up for it with a game-tying ribbie dubble in the sixth; Ryan Church's seventh inning dong landed in the apple and proved to be the game wiener. Four homers off the best pitcher in the NL and you still lose: HOW DO YOU LIVE LIKE THIS PHILLIES FANS?

Red Sox 7, Yankees 0: Gack. Ick. Ooph.

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