Baseball Before Bedtime: My Lover's Prayer

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Here's what happened in baseball last night when it reached out to you:

Yankees 5, Indians 2: I'll say it now and it should come as no surprise to you. The Yankees would never have set the all-time streak for most consecutive games sans erreur if someone other than Mark Teixeira was the first baseman. Not Jason Giambi. Not Albert Pujols. Not Kevin Youkilis. Not even Don Mattingly could ever snag liners and scoop Jeter's balls outta the dirt in quite the same way Tex does. Joba Chamberlain's eight innings were his longest career outing and his diving snag in the fifth proved for once that pigs can fly.

Pirates 8, Mets 5: There is a new term for failure in the greater New York area. It's called "Putzing" and can be used in many situations, not just when Met "reliever" J.J. Putz comes on with a two-run lead and a runner on and gives up three straight singles to totally blow the lead. Try to use this new term in everyday situations! The next time you forget to pick up your kid at middle school, you can lighten the moment by slapping your head and saying, "I totally Putzed that one!"

Astros 4, Rockies 1: In this battle of National League basement-dwellers, the Astros used a dandy pitching performance by Roy Oswalt and a timely tater tot by Carlos Lee to topple the Rockies. Meanwhile, the ultimate NL basement dweller Washington Nationals squadron had an off day and spent their free time generally feeling sorry for themselves, and checking out a matinee showing of that new movie what them Toy Story folk done.

White Sox 6, Athletics 2: Jim Thome hit his 550th career ding-dong, leading the Fightin Ozzies to their fourth straight win and back to the .500 mark. In the AL Central, that's good enough for second place.

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