Brian Wilson Brings His White Mocha Fraps and Linen Pants to TV

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It's been a rough few weeks since Giants closer Brian Wilson shut down his bizarrely awesome Twitter feed. We'll never know if Brian organized that '80s night at AT&T Park and pulled his Reebok pumps out of storage, or if he convinced Randy Johnson that white mocha frappucinos are truly the nectar of the gods.

But cheer up, fans of the bizarre! Brian Wilson is back in the spotlight with a dadgum reality TV show on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area. The cleverly dubbed "Life of Brian" is a far better way to get a dose of relief pitcher wackiness with a touch of serial killer creepiness. Via Diamond Leung's Diamond Notes, we bring you clips:

Brian Talks about Visiting Shamu's Sister Shampoo at Sea World:

Five Things About Brian Wilson:

Brian Gets a Case of the Late Night Hotel Munchies:

Okay, now all that self-levitation nonsense is beginning to make some more sense. I can't imagine the Phillies bullpen reality show (premiering Sunday!) can even approach the kookiness of #38.

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Next episode: "Me and my best bro Eric Byrnes are going to go shopping at the local Ed Hardy store. It'll be epic."

Three more things you might now know about Brian Wilson:

1. He communicates only via a hacky John C. Reilly impersonation
2. He can't grasp simple lighting techniques pertaining to video production
3. He doesn't possess the same grill-negotiation techniques as Chris Farley.

Comedy: way harder than it looks since 1941

Yes, I have watched this show. Wanna fight about it?!

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