Chien-Ming Wang's Kicks Are Tight. Also, His Shoes Are Pretty.

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Chien-Ming Wang might have the worst ERA ever ever ever but that doesn't preclude Nike from cashing in on his popularity. He's the King of Taiwan, people! Courtesy of Freshness Magazine (which I thought was a publication about vegetables) come the first images of the Nike x Chien-Ming Wang (王建民) - Air Max 1 Premium sneakers. They feature the number 40 (Wang's uniform number, not his ERA) under the tongue and other awesomeness:

On the tongue, you will find Wang's Chinese surname "王" in gold, traditional Chinese calligraphy form, implies the importance of his family but also its alternate definition - the King. All are designed on top of a translucent Nike Air Unit sole embedded with gold flicks, connote Wang's title among Taiwanese fans - The Beacon of Taiwan.

I'd be pretty nervous naming someone with an 0-4 record and a 14.34 ERA as the beacon of my entire country. But I'd also be pretty excited to wear shoes that looked like baseballs.

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I'd wear those if they were made in boot form.

That's sweet that Wang's 4 year old cousins were able to make a shoe for him

Is Wang's Chinese surname actually "Square" or do I need to install the Shitty Pitchers Pack on my computer?

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