Chipper Jones Hates CitiField, David Wright Nods in Agreement

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It's no secret that Chipper Jones loved hitting at the Mets old digs, even going so far to name his (unlucky) kid "Shea". Clever! No wonder, he slugged 19 tater tots at Shea Stadium, more than any other non-Atlanta park. Still, Chipper obviously never actually sat in the stands or tried to park anywhere except the players lot. That place was a dump!

Here's what our old pal Chipper Jones had to say about the Mets new joint, CitiField, during an interview on Sirius/XM Radio's Ripken Baseball program:

"It is the biggest park that I have ever played in in my life. It is a huge ballpark to center and right center and right field. You know, I actually feel sort of sorry for some of the guys out there because their power numbers are really going to take a hit; guys like David Wright, [Carlos] Beltran, [Carlos] Delgado. The days of them hitting 35, 40 homers -- they're over."

"(Last month during the Braves-Mets series) I juiced the ball just right of center field as hard as the good Lord can let me hit a ball, and it hit midways up the center-field wall for a double. And every time there was a long fly out or a double that hit off the wall or something, David Wright would run by me and go, 'Nice park.'"

First of all, Chipper, the good Lord isn't helping you hit the ball that far, that's done with the help of Jobu. But he's right about David Wright struggling at the new digs. NY Sports Dog dug up the stats, and it turns out the splits are quite telling. David's having a great year, ranking second in the National League in on-base percentage but he's hitting .271 with a .785 OPS at home against .413 with a 1.090 OPS on the road. He's slugging just .427 at home with only eight extra base hits as opposed to .567 with 14 extra base hits on the road.

Shea Stadium used to play as a pitchers park too, yet Wright slugged .555 there in his career and OPS'ed .958. There's just something about CitiField that leaves a bad taste in David Wright's mouth. Maybe he just needs to try the pork tacos.

(Via the good folks at BBTF Newsblog)

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Chipper obviously hasn't visited the Shake Shack yet

Didn't you know that DMac outlawed Major League references?


I was in Spain.

I actually feel sort of sorry for some of the guys out there because their power numbers are really going to take a hit...

I dare you to come up with a weaker insult than "nice park."

Not only that, but Chip says Wright said it multiple times as he ran by. What a lame-a-zoid.

I know little about it. Longtime Mets nemesis Chipper Jones did so much damage at Shea Stadium that he named one of his sons "Shea" in honor of it.

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