Dear Citizens of the World: Please Be Perfectly Civil on July 14th

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One of my favorite all time memories of baseball's annual All Star Game was the 1989 classic. That's the one where former President Ronald Reagan sat in the television booth with legendary announcer Vin Scully during the first inning to witness Bo Jackson's mammoth leadoff tater tot. If the clip was on YouTube, I'd embed it here but the ad wizards at MLB decided it would be smarter to keep video clips tightly locked up in a vault to prevent any new fans from enjoying them.

But I digress. This year's All Star Game will have its own star presidential power as the big kahuna himself, President Obama, is set to toss out the ceremonial first pitch in St. Louis. The lifelong ChiSox fan will become the first sitting (standing?) president to do the All Star duty since Gerald Ford:

After months of speculating which team would be the first to host President Obama for a first pitch, MLB and the White House announced that his first toss as sitting president will be thrown down the middle of all 30 teams at next month's All-Star Game in St. Louis -- if world activities allow him to, of course.

That's right, all you world powers, good and evil alike. You better be on your best behavior during the MLB All Star Game break or else Obama is going to have to skip out on the festivities to get presidential on your collective ass. You're on notice, North Korea. You too, Mother Nature. Don't be sending any silly hurricanes into the Gulf of Mexico and don't let any wildfires burn up California.

Otherwise, we'll be stuck with Biden.

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Great new security protocol - surround the VP w/ kids!

After the first pitch, Obama and Jim Leyland will smoke the ceremonial first cigarette.




The TV cameras will make it look like the pitch grazed the left hand side of the plate, but upon closer review, it will have broken way, way outside, more than anyone could have predicted.

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