Do You Even Need A Reason To Fight AJ Pierzynski?

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Last night's Tigers/Whites Sox was a real good one. Paul Konerko's two run double in the 9th forced extra innings, but then Miguel Cabrera's 10th inning tater tot gave Detroit the 7-6 victory. Thrilling, right? Well, who cares about all that. There was a fight! And no one understands why it happened. Those are the best kind. Take it from noted peacemaker, AJ Pierzynski.

Tigers players have been extra protective of their pitcher and his "anxiety problems,'' so when Pierzynski said "Hey'' to Willis after making an out, it hit the fan.

"They thought there was something there, there was nothing there,'' Pierzynski said. "They were being protective of him. I said, 'Hey,' to [Willis] and they went crazy, I don't know. I said, 'Hey,' and then he said 'Hey,' and next thing I know the benches were empty and all hell was breaking loose. I don't have any problem with anyone on their team. "If anybody else would have said anything it probably wouldn't have been a good deal, but once again I'm in the middle of a crock of [crap], so whatever.''

Coincidentally the "Crock of Crap" is also what they call the French Onion Soup at TGIFridays. HEY NOW!

Pierzynski playing the "I don't know why everyone picks on me" card would be infuriating if it weren't so laughable. His brawl with Michael Barrett a couple years back took on must see status simply because every baseball fan in America wanted to see him get his lights turned out. Not to mention, "Hey" can be very inflammatory. Just the other day Rob said it to me in the WoW Cafeteria and I just frigging leveled him with my lunch tray. He had it coming. You just don't talk like that.

And what's with Joe Cowley, the Sun Times reporter that wrote this, putting anxiety disorder in quotes? You a doctor now Joe? I sure as hell doubt that, otherwise you'd jump the sinking ship of journalism and start your own private practice. Leave the diagnoses to the pros there, Quincy.

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What a fuckface.
AJ. Not you, Kris.

You don't even need a reason to fight Jose Canseco, John Lackey, or the Bob's Big Boy mascot when you're drunk, son.

I loved listening to Hawk Harrelson explain how it wasn't AJ who started the fracas. Those two douchebags really understand each other.


fight! fight! fight! fight!

Nice park.

My money was on the Crazy Train.

And fuck Pierzynaskhasdfkjasinafki.

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