Do You Have A Permit For That Uzi, Mr... Williams?

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Ted Williams name is in the news, and once again it's not a very good story. The Kid's unassailable record as a hitter has had to stand up to a lot of distraction, speculation and general unsavoriness in the year's since his death. This week's occasion to reconsider him is the theft of some memorabilia that was set to hit the auction block in NH this week.

A person swiped Ted Williams' hunting license and personal notes on local fishing holes during an auction preview in Swanzey on Thursday. The stolen items drew strong interest and could have brought up to $1,000 or more during yesterday's auction, according to auctioneer John Pappas. "Someone needed it badly before the sale," Pappas said after the auction.

Williams was an avid outdoorsman, making these kind of mementos as much apart of his non-baseball life as golf, the military and swearing during outtakes of commercials. One of the comments in the Union Leader article references the "surprise" people felt after the theft was discovered, mentioning the camaraderie and affection for Williams in the room. There were less than a dozen people in the room for that preview, creating a small group of suspects worthy of a dinner theatre mystery.

As far as resale, Auctioneer Pappas warned the thieves not to sell the stuff on Ebay, making him both a thoughtful crime victim and stater of the obvious. The last time I bought a fishing license it was from a Panama City Wal-Mart and was printed on receipt paper. I'll sell it to you for a nickel.

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Has anyone thought to question Chipper Jones yet?

I'll be looking for any unusual Orvis catalog activity by Tim Curry.

I hope if they catch the guy running away, they shout "FREEZE!"


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