Dream Song 120: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 12:35, Mets at Pirates: The Typhoid Marys of Queens, NY travel to the De-McLouthed Pirates. Would you pay money to watch Mike Pelfrey face Ross Ohlendorf? Of course you would, you'll do anything for companionship.

  • 12:37, Angels at Blue Jays: Rubber up north as crankypants John Lackey takes on the hilariously mustachioed Brian Tallet. If you would like to follow along in liveglog format, Weekend Editor and Blue Jays Freak, Drew the Barber has you covered over at Ghostrunner.

  • 1:05, Red Sox at Tigers: No sooner had the texts started circulating last night than Beckett lost the perfect game, then the no hitter. I have yet to hear from my Dad but I'm sure he blames me. I didn't say the magic words! NOT MY FAULT! If you would like to follow this broom closet game in liveglog format, I've got you covered here at Walkoff Walk. This is why Firefox has tabs, people.

  • 1:05, Rangers at Yankees: The Rangers got a solid start out of Scott Feldman last evening and the Yanks were held to a mere 6 hits. Brandon McCarthy goes for Texas today and I wouldn't bank on the same from him. Chien Ming Wang is back in the rotation for NYY. Could be a slugfest. Maybe we'll see Rob on TV getting trampled for a home run ball like a lady at Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving. Again.

  • 1:10, Indians at Twins: Fausto Carmona aint exactly making anyone forget about CC is he? 35 K and 38 BB. Eep. He goes for the Injuns and Scott Baker goes for the Twins. Rubber involved.

  • 2:05, A's at White Sox: SS Phenom and 2008 1st round draft pick, Gordon Beckham is expected to be brought out of the garage and make his major league debut today for Chicago. Not bad for a guy with a name like a TV Chef. Brett Anderson for the vistors, the unstoppable Mark Buerhle for the home team. Rubber

  • 4:08, Royals at Rays: What a stupid time for a game. Gil Meche faces James Shields.

  • 4:35, Giants at Nats: First half of a rain necessitated double header will see Randy Johnson trying to get that 300th win again. JUST DO IT ALREADY. John "Lanolin" Lannan pitches for DC.

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