Entire League Exercises No Trade To White Sox Clause

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Why are the Chicago White Sox such an undesirable destination for this season's big name trade bait? By nearly all metrics, Chicago rates as a top tier baseball city. They have a nice park and devoted fans. They reached the playoffs last season, and while they're not exactly dazzling right now, you cannot count anyone out of the AL Central. Well, maybe besides the Royals. But after Jake Peavy but the kibosh on a proposed Pale Hose/Padres deak two weeks ago, the news that Roy Oswalt would also veto any deal to the Southside makes it seem like no matter how they try, the White Sox may just not be allowed to significantly improve their rotation. From Jose de Jesus Ortiz:

Oswalt isn't talking publicly about any trade speculation, but the (Houston) Chronicle has learned that Oswalt would invoke his no-trade clause if the White Sox attempted to acquire him.

Oswalt has a no-trade clause, and if he ever waived it to go play in Chicago it would be with the Cubs and not the White Sox.

So before folks continue to speculate on Oswalt, cross the White Sox off that list. Now, if the Cubs or St. Louis Cardinals call, I would expect him to say yes right away if the Astros approach him and ask him to do it to help the franchise rebuild for the future.

With that last paragraph namedropping the Cubs and Cards, one could speculate that the Peavy/Oswalt distaste for the White Sox is simple. They're both career National Leaguers uninterested in facing the deeper lineups and less familiar batters of the AL. Perhaps the club is just a victim of circumstance, being the most aggressive AL team in the market for pitching. Things could turn out different once they persue a pitcher from their own league, as they are thought to be doing with the Mariners and the clauseless Erik Bedard.

But then, Ozzie Guillen hasn't been the most popular player manager over the years. His numerous, and often petty, public feuds with players, managers and umpires must be one of the first things a player considers when thinking about playing for that club. No one likes working for a crazy boss. Right now Guillen is deflecting questions about his relationship with noted dick Orlando Cabrera. Neither side comes across as very likable, Cabrera loved calling up to the scorer to get errors transferred from his stats to his teammates', but it's not the first time Guillen has had to explain his past relationship with one of his own players. Who wants any part of that.

If the White Sox stay out of contention for the remainder of 2009, expect this to be part of the list of charges that accompanies Ozzie out the door to unemployment.

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Not to mention, during the lunches at the GM Winter Meetings, Ken Williams kept offering to trade his apple or granola bar for Fruit Roll-Ups.

Also, Paul Konerko smells like sauerkraut.

Let this be the end of any "who's the best Roy" talk. Roy Halladay would play in Kabul if duty required.

The Roy talk will never end as long as Roy Orbison is still touring this proud la....oh shit.


The best R.O.Y. for me will always be Hideo Nomo.

I don't blame Peavy or Oswalt. Would you want fuckface Pierzynski calling your pitches?

Fuck Roy, Siegfried is where it's at.

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