Four Veteran Players I'd Like to See Traded to a Better Team

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We're just about forty percent done with the season so the teams in contention have mostly separated themselves from those out of contention. In an ideal world, the best players in baseball would still be playing their hearts out come September and October, so let me do my best to shift the rosters around a bit. Here's a list of four veteran players who deserve an upgrade; be forewarned that it's not an official prognostication because I am not taking contractual issues or desire to actually trade these folks into account. I'm merely playing God.

  • Felipe Lopez, Diamondbacks: The middle infielder wears a lot of hats and not just because Arizona has changed their team colors twelve times in the past four years. Fella can play second base, third base, shortstop, outfield, peanut vendor, what have you. He's putting up very good numbers (.352 OBP, 21 XBH) for an otherwise poor-hitting D-Back team and, altho he wants to stay in Phoenix' hot hot heat and help the team contend, he's in the final year of his contract. He'd make a nice utility player for the Brewers, struggling to fill holes since Rickie Weeks went down for the year.

  • Matt Holliday, Athletics: Honestly, wouldn't you want to see what this kid can do in a normal situation in a neutral ballpark? Coors Field skewed his numbers positively for years while McAfee Coliseum and the poor A's lineup reversed the trend and skewed them back into the basement. He's not swinging and missing as much as his strikeout percentage has dropped 11% since last season but his line drive percentage is way down, and hence his power has diminished. Get this kid in, say, the Rogers Centre or Angel Stadium and you've got yourself an interesting experiment and a way for teams to evaluate this future free agent in a neutral park.

  • Wandy Rodriguez, Astros: His outstanding home run numbers have regressed a bit in the past two weeks but that's what you get when you throw a game in the hot hot Arlington heat against the hot hot Rangers hitters. Of course, Wandy's actually had great home numbers over the past few years with an ERA under 3.00 in Minute Maid Park and an ERA over 5.00 away from Houston. Still, this fly ball pitcher might fare better in a park that discourages tater tots, like Comerica or Busch.

  • Kerry Wood, Indians: It's just not fun to see Wood blow saves for a last place team. What's he got to lose? You can't get any lower than 'worst team in the AL'. Wood's lost weekend against the Cubbies was fun, but imagine how much more fun it would be to see Wood blowing saves for a contending team with bullpen needs, like the Cardinals or Rangers. Schadenfreude is better when the stakes are higher.

Any other players you want to see pack up their suitcases and move up in the standings?

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Hanley Rameriez on a team that can get him votes for the All-Star game.

I'd like to see Mark DeRosa play for the Yankees. Can play the outfield and would be a solid backup infielder.

Anything to shut up the Shelley Duncan backers, UU.

Kevin Kouzmanoff. I want Adrian Gonzales to break the intentional walks record. Kouz would be good for post-Rolen Toronto.

Can I interest you Yankee fans in a slightly used Chris Duncan? He comes with realistic tobacco chewing action.

No refunds.

I would also like to see Zach Grienke in the Yankee staring rotation. Is that asking too much?

Somebody please take Corey Patterson.

I would like to see Carlos Silva in the Tigers rotation. Is that asking too much?

Carl Pavano back to the Yankees?

Schadenfreude is better when the stakes are higher.

So, he should be a Met then.

Ed, shut your mouth, shut your f'ing mouth.

Corey Patterson has a ton of value as a pinch-runner or late-inning defensive replacement, especially in the NL. It's a shame that teams expected so much out of him.

Corey Patterson should totally be sent back to the Reds. If that happens, Dusty will (possibly) slide him into the number 1 slot and the Walkoff Walk t-shirt will be relevant again!

Walkoff Walk t-shirts are never relevant. That's the attraction.


I guess, although I'm not sure that "keep your OBP over .290" is an unreasonable expectation for a major-leaguer.

However, cat shirts are always relevant.


OK, Rob, I'll give you that. Now the Corey Patterson t-shirt is a word of warning and not the advocacy of a lineup change that was its original purpose, right?

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