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Roberto Clemente died for your sinsWhat happened last night in the baseball world while you were making Therese.

Cubs 8, Tribe 7 (10): Zantastic! The burning brides of the Cleveland bullpen strike again! 4 runs in the 8th innining, a game-tying Derrick Lee home run in the bottom of the nine, and finally an Alfonso Soriano-created run in the 10th sunk the Tribe. Derreck Lee hit 2 tats with other tots coming from Reed Johnson's pointy toes on the Cub side and Victor Martinez & Luis Valbuena on the racist nickname side. Cliff Lee's good start was squandered yet again by the Cleveland fire brigade. Khalil Greene knocked a feel-good tater tot in his first start since returning from the Anguished List. Trey Hillman opted to load the bases by pitching around Albert Pujols in the third inning, a move Chris Duncan took as a declaration of war. One tater tot later and this one was over before it began. The Cards hit three homers in the third inning alone to gain a game on Brewers.

Tigers 10, Brewers 4 (7): The Tigers and Brewers combined to hit 5 home runs in only 7 innings. Marcus Thames hit 2, Miguel Cabrera hit one and Magglio Ordonez sat on the bench looking glum. The Twins pecked away at Roy Oswalt, who picked a complete game despite giving up 5 runs and 10 hits. Delmon Young supplied two RBIs, nearly doubling his output for the season.

Braves 7, Red Sox 2: Nate McLouth greeted the struggling Dice-K with a home run to start the game and it only got worse from there for the struggling Matsuzaka. No matter how good an escape artist you think you are, throwing 39 strikes out of 67 pitches isn't a good idea. Garrett Anderson went 3-3 with 4 ribbies from his rightful home at designated hitter. Kenshin Kawakami was excellent, only surrendering two hits (both to Jason Bay, one of which went over the rinky-dink wall in left field. The Phillies lost their fourth straight while the Nats won their third in a row. THE BALANCE OF POWER HAS SHIFTED IN THE NL EAST.

Everybody Else: The streaking Angels won a tight game in front of a packed house of Angelinos. Jason Marquis won AGAIN to keep the Rockies hot. Oakland bright spot Josh Outman left the game in the second inning with arm owiness, the A's held on to beat the Padres. Interleague's goofy y'all.

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This is really not a fun season for me.

I take back my negative attitude about Heart - they sounded amazing. And Nancy Wilson is still hot. Or Ann. Whichever the skinny one is.

I'd like to see L7 play a winery

Our Japanese pitcher is better than your Japanese pitcher

C'mon, I summon the spirit of Dennis Eckersley! Pull it off, Tribe!


There simply are no words for this. Clearly I was Hitler in a past life.

"I'm very respectful of Scott Boras, but I'm not going to listen to his (nonsense)," Leyland said. "Scott Boras might be better off if he lets Magglio and myself handle this instead of him. ... "This is about Magglio Ordonez and a manager trying to do something that he thinks may help and get him right. Is it the right thing? I don't know. But that is what this is about. And I'm not going to take shots from people in the newspaper that are untruths."

"If it's the truth and I'm wrong," the manager continued, "then go ahead and punch me in the jaw, but don't give me this (nonsense)."

Someone should check on Chief

/furiously registers Walkoff Wild Pitch dot com.

Too late, Rob, Kerry Wood already owns that domain.

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