I Overcame My Dislike for Boston and Hockey to Enjoy This Video

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There is no amount of antipathy towards the Boston Red Sox or the sport of hockey that can prevent me from smiling at this video of Jason Bay meeting Bobby Orr in the oddest of places at the strangest of times:

Via Can't Stop the Bleeding and produced by the good folks at Sox and Dawgs.

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I can read lips. I think Bobby Orr said: "Hey, I'd talk to you more kid, but I'm standing in a pool of piss."

My favorite hockey team happens to be within the Bruins' division, but even I have to admit that Bobby Orr rules. This is example Q.

So Manny goes into the scoreboard to make phone calls and eat empanadas and it's a problem. Yet Bobby Orr and Jason Bay do it and they are New England treasures.


It (Manny) was only a problem for bored sports writers
The rest of us said, "Hey, look at that fuckin Dominican! Hilarious!"

What about those MP3-playing sunglasses?

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