I Would Be Remiss If I Didn't Show You This 'Streaker' Video

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Okay, it's not exactly a streaker persay, but this portly gentleman who meandered onto the grass at Turner Field got his fifteen minutes of fame thanks to his slovenly frame:

And while we're on the topic, what's up with the MLB-enforced ban on TV networks focusing their camera lenses on these joyful criminals engaging in the friendliest of crimes? Their Joe-Buckian disgust and refusal will not dissuade fans from running onto the field, especially when we've got FlipCam-armed citizens to report on the hilarity via the YouTubes and content-starved bloggers transmitting them through the webosphere.

(via Deadspin and Red Sox Monster)

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He's tubby, but he still has better plate discipline than Jeff Francoeur.

I'm guessing he was trying to attack the giant Chik-fil-A sign at Turner Field.

So there is a ban on that stuff? Whenever I watch dodger games on TV, the great Vin Scully has to awkwardly report beach balls on the field a dozen times a game without showing them. It's weird.

That's my understanding. I don't have any actual backing information on that but hey, I'm merely a blogger.

It's the generally agreed-upon course of action, if not outright policy, for most leagues and networks. For the reasons to which Rob alluded, namely the theory that putting this on the teevee only encourages such behavior.

But I like watching the growing irritation of outfielders :( I guess the trick is to smuggle animals. It seems like cats, squirrels & seagulls are fair game.

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