Ichiro Keeps Hitting/Incredible Quote Streak Alive

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Even though I know how impossible it is, every 6th or 7th guy that "challenges" DiMaggio's streak makes me feel like "this is the one." But never have I been so sure as I am with Ichiro and his current 26 game tear.

Ichiro has confounded pretty much every expectation that's been put on him in his 9 year (that's it?) career, and that higher plane zen thought thing he has going on makes me think he'll be able to transcend the pressure that comes with chasing Joe D. Need more proof that the dude rolls on another level? Witness this incredible quote from last night's postgame.

So the question was how much the record means.

"Once I got this far, I wanted to achieve it," Ichiro said, according to his translator. "Now I wish that I would have asked my wife, Yumiko, and my dog, Ikkyu, to come to the game today. But at the same time, if you think about it, if I didn't invite them, it means that much to me as well."

Roughly, 26 games meant enough to wish his wife and, of course, dog were there. But it wasn't so important that he thought ahead enough to invite them. I hope that from now until the streak ends, Ichiro gives the exact same quote just adding a new family member/pet each time. And here's also hoping he's got 31 more of them. Kill yr idols.

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The penchant for the bizarre/trippy quote is one of Ichiro's most endearing qualities.

Funny, my dog is named Yumiko and my girlfriend is named Ikkyu.

Don't go, Yumiko and Ikkyu! He's just going to punch you in the face - especially if you arouse that fire that's dormant in the innermost recesses of his soul.

Ichiro is an overrated pile of crap. Yep. I went there.

Farthamster, I think you mean IKEA.

Fartie's bitterness is rich and tangy enough that I would enjoy drizzling it over my rally/garlic/assorted West Coast based gimmick fries. Delish!

Tangent alert! Someone behind me at the Yankees game was enjoying the garlic fries and I almost gagged from the putrid smell of raw garlic.

Also, the putrid smell of New Yankee Stadium. The thing is 26 games old and it already smells like stale beer and urine, WTF?

If Ichiro gets close I'm cutting his achilles tendon with a rusty razor.

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