It's Obama Day at Walkoff Walk. Don't Cancel Your RSS Subscription.

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Minor League Baseball teams need to be creative with their promotions, people. The Brooklyn Cyclones in Coney Island are no exception; last night, they transformed their franchise into the "Baracklyn Cyclones" to cash in on all the Obama fervor washing across the country. They didn't hold back one bit, giving out Obama bobbleheads, inviting the Obama Girl to throw out the first pitch, giving away free tickets to anyone named Barack or any plumber named Joe, and even handing out free Band-Aids to fans as part of a "universal health care" goof.

Oh, those cards in Minor League Baseball! So clever. So funny. No wonder Rick Chandler loved them so.

But not everyone was happy with the Baracklyn takeover in Keyspan Park. Via The Cajun Boy over at Gawker comes this email from a tipster who claims inside knowledge of the Brooklyn Cyclones team:

my husband tells me that, in response to the "gift" at tonight's brooklyn cyclones game, which was some sort of obama bobblehead doll with the moniker "baracklyn cyclones," over 200 angry, anti-obama season ticket holders canceled their subscriptions.

After attending a game in Coney Island last year, I'd be surprised to know there were that many season ticketholders in total, let alone those dumb enough to abandon a team because of a promotion that celebrated an otherwise popular President. This reminds me of the time I canceled my subscription to Highlights magazine when they printed that one "Goofus & Gallant" cartoon where Goofus endorsed aborting mixed-race babies.

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Whatever, Sheik Rob Abdul Iracane

Applachia? Argentina? Let's call the whole thing off.

200 season ticket holders is about 2% of the average attendance at a Brooklyn Cyclones game (according to their web site).

But that vocal 2% is getting national coverage for their temper tantrum.

(Insert something political here.)

Dissent is patriotic and sometimes really stupid. If these season ticket holders were smart they would have taken their unwanted bobble heads and sold them for top dollar on eBay and scored one for capitalism.

The Yankees constantly irritate me with jingoistic nonsense and excessive patriotism that borders on fundamentalism and yet I continue to attend games with fervor. Just not religious fervor, that shit is nutso.

Rob, I'll consider your green Yankee hat as a sign of protest.

Once again, another stark reminder that some people take everything too seriously.

Whatever, Sheik Rob Abdul Iracane

I take no responsibility for that posting a second time.

It's the American way.

Just blame the recession, Jerkwheat.

It's ok, Jerkwheat. The Trenton Thunder are having Guy Clark Appreciation day next month. It's a doubleheader, naturally.

Originally they had a Sarah Palin bobblehead day planned but cancelled it when they realized that "Sarah Palin bobblehead" is a redundancy.

I miss Rick.

Can the Wilmington Biden Joes be far behind?

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