Jonathan Papelbon Needs To Take It at a Medium Pace...

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...because his typical slow pace of warming up between innings is slowing down baseball games, y'all. Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon better stop dilly-dallying or MLB vice president of discipline Bob Watson is going to steal all his money. Paps was fined a cool grand for his latest infraction during Wednesday night's Yankees-Sox tilt when he took 50% longer than allowed to warm up before the ninth inning.

Even worse, his incessant dawdling might force the Sox to temporarily find a new closer.

As per a publication called the "Lynn Daily Item", which sounds a lot like my Aunt Lynn's email newsletter about her 25 cats:

According to the source, players are given warnings first, before receiving a fine of $1,000. The second fine is for $3,000, and the third is for $7,000, with the possibility of a suspension after that. Papelbon's fine was for $1,000.

According to another source, guidelines call for between-innings time, that is, the time from the third out of one half-inning to the first pitch of the next half-inning of two minutes and five seconds for local TV games, 2:25 for national TV games during the week, and 2:30 for national TV games on Saturdays and Sundays.

When Papelbon entered Wednesday's game it took 3:34 from the last out of the bottom of the eighth until he threw his first pitch in the top of the ninth.

Three minutes and thirty-four seconds? Jeez, that's a full minute longer than every single Ramones song ever recorded. Maybe the best solution to get lazy relief pitchers into the game quicker and shorten up those lengthy game times would be to bring back those awesome bullpen cars. And to have Angel Pagan drive 'em.

(via Extra Bases, picture via bunkosquad at Flickr)

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We'll be back in 2 and 2.

Here's a free parenting/babysitting tip for all you fellers: I have never, ever met a child from the ages of 2-6, who does not love the Ramones.

shave off my pubes and punch me in the face

I'll take a pass on the former if it means I can double up on the latter.

Good. Now Yankee and Sox games will only last 4:59 rather than 5 hours.

Ironically, I haven't known any kids that like this.


Just take that shampoo bottle out already.

Re: pop music re jigged for kids.

Radiohead Rockabye Baby is amazing. I listen to it on my own.

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