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whalebaby.jpgEgads! They just keep playing baseball, don't they? Last night's games were a fine looking batch; I believe we'd look good side by side.

Phillies 3, Dodgers 2: Any chance these two teams could just keep playing? Andre Ethier sure does. Dude hit two homers including the game winner in the bottom of the 12th. Making Vin Scully work that much overtime just isn't fair. The Phils are still comfortably in first place thanks to the dominant pitching of John Lannan. A complete game with only an Elijah Dukes error-aided run. Adam Dunn homered to keep the dinger/win count in order. The Braves lost but Tommy Hanson's on the way!

Tigers 2, Angels 1: Raise your hand if you thought Edwin Jackson would ever amount to anything. Not so fast everyone who watches baseball. Jackson, once again, was superb in going the distance and walking only one batter. Jackon's more than doubled his career K/BB rate from 1.50 to an astounding 3.26 in 2009. He's a sensitive soul that just needed someone to believe in him. Lost in Jackson's brilliance was the return of Kelvim Escobar. Escobar pitching 5 innings, walking 4 but only surrendering two runs. Not bad for his first start since Sept 2007. The White Sox won behind Gavin Floyd's fourth consecutive decent outing. That should distract from his profound awfulness in the previous 4.

Reds 4, Cubs 3: Bonus baseball in the Queen City. Not THAT Queen City, the one by the river. The Reds put runners on the corners with only one out With thoughts of shrimp dancing through their heads, the Reds instead opted for the nearly-as-anticlimactic "walkoff fielder's choice." Youngish Matt Maloney made his big league debut in his home state and pitched pretty well against the big bad Cubbies. The Brewers have petitioned the National League for a move into the NL East. The Crew shut the Braves out for the second straight day, this time allowing 7 total hits. Two big veggie-eating home runs from the Prince were all it took. The Pirates bested the Astros in a game I watched two innings of. My observations: Nyjer Morgan's stirrups are a beautiful thing

Uh. And Another One. The Rays and Yankees played a pretty typical Yankee Stadium game of Base Warz with Mo Rivera taking the loss. The Oakland A's took exception to my Giants praise from yesterday so the Elephants wrestled the "Hottest Team in Baseball" title away with another drubbing of the OriLOLes. The Mariners kept Joe Mauer hitless in beating the Twins. I bet there's a relationship there...

And Today! Too much good pitching for me not to mention today's matchups as I head out to view the house I apparently bought. Matt_Tommy Hanson's big league debut comes against WoW favorite Manny Parra and the Brewers. Kid Presentable Rick Porcello takes on Joe Saunders in my Secret Duel of the Day. Roy Halladay pitches against cell-based lifeforms in the mismatch of the day. Timmy Timmy Timmy versus Ricky Ricky Ricky has a nice ring to it by the Bay. Joba looks to build on his strong outing during the week when he faces the Gecko and the Rays in New YoMOVE JOBA BACK TO DA PEN!! ESPN picked a good series to feature tonight, with Randy Wolf taking on Antonio "Bastardo of Metallica lyrics stuck in my head." Thanks kids. Have a good Sunday!

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Did someone win a contest to be the starting pitcher for the Tribe today?

Padres and Diamondbacks played two in San Diego! Unfortunately for them, it only counts as one game. Still, Ernie Banks must be proud.

ooo... Minus the Bear! My favorite lyric in the linked song is "Sitting on a park bench that's older than my country."

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