Manny Madness: Not Much Else Happens In the Temecula Valley

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That's why Manny Ramirez' big minor league stint at Single-A Inland Empire was such huge news in Lake Elsinore, part of the burgeoning Temecula Valley out in Cali. If you lived in that awesome part of California that didn't border the Pacific Ocean, you'd get excited too about a rehabbing all star despite his nasty steroid smear. To wit, here's the video coverage of Manny's big first-pitch tater tot this weekend:

Lots of bobbleheads have implied that Manny somehow doesn't deserve to enjoy a minor league rehab stint before his 50-game suspension expires. It's as if these folks are lumping the minor leagues and the major leagues into one bucket, as if the importance of each is equal.

It's not. The owners and players both realize how valuable it is to have their big league players back in playing shape as soon as possible following the suspension. A fifty-game forced vacation is a fifty-game forced vacation for both the player and his team; there's no reason to punish everyone any longer just because one dude was dumb enough to dip into the wrong pile of pills. To imply that a team should suffer longer than the prescribed 50 games just to get the jerk back into playing condition is ridiculous. Allowing a player to rehab in the minors won't make the team any more or less 'vigilant' to control illicit drug use.

Besides, folks in Rancho Cucamonga need entertainment, too.

Video via Diamond Leung's outstanding Tumblr.

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The situation is such a farce that after three games with Albuquerque, Ramirez will be allowed to continue his minor-league rehab by playing for Inland Empire of the Single-A California League, which will allow him to commute from his home in Pasadena, instead of having to suffer the indignity of staying in a hotel room.

Such a farce! Suffer the indignity! Hahaha, I never get tired of sportswriters pontificating about steroids.

Sad to see Manny being suck a dick and excluding himself from team activities/bonding. What a jerk.

At least Manny is being his usual jovial self in ball player hell/purgatory.

A couple years ago when Juan Encarnacion was on a longer rehab assignment in Double A, he couldn't have been lazier in the field or more terrible at the plate or indifferent to the fans.

That said, RIP Juan Encarnacion's left eyeball.

+1 to whoever re-edits that Valley News Network video in the style of Inland Empire director David Lynch. For inspiration, please see the groundbreaking work on Alf.

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