Marlins Fans and Yankees Fans Fail to Co-Exist, Resort to Fisticuffs

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Via Deadspin, the ultimate purveyor of human condition cinema, comes this gripping video clip that shows the depths of human suffering and the desperate displays of virility among male aficionados of sport. Or, in the words of the auteur who uploaded his opus to YouTube:

Some guy said something to the others guy. wife. and. things got heated.

Well said.

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Before people here jump to conclusions, I was not at the Marlins game this weekend. I don't have a goatee and I would never wear a golf visor backwards.

Plus, I was too busy beating Rob in fantasy baseball this weekend.

Nobody cares about your David-vs-Goliath fantasy baseball win.

Excuse me, sir, but you seem to root for the visiting team. Forgive my rudeness, but I fear I have no other choice but to punch you now. I'm very sorry about this! *thwack*

The bridge building of Alex Rodriguez fandom has begun.

Marlins event staff are clearly unprepared for games with more than one person sitting per section.

That said: some good bombs thrown there. The biggest landing on the psyche of the main combatant's daughter. Fit her for clear heels now to get it out of the way.

It actually makes me sick to my stomach that the jamook in the visor chose to traumatize his child, rather than sit down in his seat. What a fucking loser.

I think said jamook used his daughter: pretending to 'soothe' her when security showed up to make it look like he wasn't involved. Throw him under the 6 train!

When your bawling-her-eyes-out daughter is also the voice of reason, you just might be officially out of your damn mind.

Conspiracy theory: this was just EA's guerilla marketing for the new Fight Night game.

I'm with Gorge, as dad I've learned to swallow my pride a lot. I would never fight in front of my daughters unless someone threatened my wife or kids.

Pussies. You put out your arms to try and keep someone away like a bitch, and you deserve to catch one over the top. Both those guys are lucky that they both fight like my puppy.


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