Maybe It's Time We Just Let Doddering Old Joe Morgan Lie

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Former Red great and current ESPN Sunday Night Baseball color commentator Joe Morgan is old and confused, y'all. Fella turned 65 last year so we've got to understand that maybe, just maybe sometimes he has absolutely no idea what he's talking about when telling an amusing anecdote from 35 years ago. Last week, Morgan told a tale about walking to the mound from his position in the field to huddle up with pitcher Don Wilson, just one out away from a no-hitter. Morgan claims he told the guy to walk Hank Aaron in order to preserve the no-no. When research-minded bloggers checked the facts, it seems that Morgan wasn't even playing that day.

Last night during the Dodgers-Angels tilt, Morgan decided it was time to clear up the issue with a correction:

Jon [Miller], I want to correct something that I said last week -- you weren't here so you weren't involved -- but last week we were talking about Don Wilson pitching a no-hitter and I remember talking to him about Hank Aaron and saying it wouldn't be the worst thing if he walked him. And he said 'get away' and he went out and struck him out. Well it happened in the dugout, not on the field. I got it mixed up with an incident I had with Al Hollins, who in a similar situation was pitching with me at the Giants, so I had the two confused.

Well, either Morgan gave this advice before the inning started or Joe's really lost his marbles. What, are we supposed to believe that he meandered out to the mound in the middle of the inning to chit-chat with the pitcher? I don't think that's allowed.

But I ain't got no quarrels with Morgan's somewhat colorful recollection of baseball past, as long as he's not talking shit about Ernie Banks. In fact, I tune in to ESPN Sunday night games just so I can hear him claim (for the 382nd time) that Davey Concepcion was the greatest shortstop in the history of the game and once saved a basketful of puppies from a burning teepee, a dubious statement indeed, but that's part of the joy of Joe. He's a doddering old boob, we all know that now. Don't expect him to advocate or even comprehend newfangled stats like "OPS", just tune in because it's just like hearing your crazy uncle talk about that time in 1959 when he punched out ex-President Truman during a bar brawl in Chicago. It just didn't happen, Uncle Harry, no matter how many times you tell me with a can of Old Milwaukee in your hand.

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miss u fjm

But this is the internet, if you ignore the low-hanging fruit we'll all STARVE.

Johnny's gut needs to be reformatted.

Johnny's cheesed off because his contract rider explicitly stated there would be no guests "Clooney-er" than he.

If only Joe would admit to kidnapping the Lindberg baby, everything would be cool.

How great was it when they turned a Father's Day piece into how underrated Mothers are?

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